V Claudius von Hain SchH II

Claudius von Hain
SZ 586670
DOB: March 11th, 1944

V Hektor v. Schakengrund SchH III ZPr

V Cerno v.d. Achensmuhle SchH III

Elsa v. Bulowstein SchH

Claudius von Hain

Stern v. Lutherwald SchH II

Treue v. Hain HGH

Knolle v. Hain SchH III HGH

"Claudius was born in 1944 in a litter of 6 all gray puppies. It is possible that Claudius was dominant for the colour gray, as I have no indication that he produced anything other than this colour. There is a strong belief among the German working breeders that there is a strong correlation between the dark gray original colour and working characteristics.

I spoke to some of the old time breeders about Claudius, as I was most interested in why they should include this unusual dog with almost untraceable bloodlines in their plans. I got mixed reactions: The working dog breeders such as Alfred Hahn and Josef Wasserman stressed the working ability from the progeny from this line. When I spoke to some of the conformation- oriented breeders, their reaction was, "they felt he was vicious, too aggressive, and produced a similar type of animal as himself". At the time of Claudius they had just come out of the war, they certainly had wanted the dogs aggressive. When doing the attack work, they spent little time in trying to get the dogs to let go of the padded arm. They concentrated on getting dogs to bite and hang on. It would seem that Claudius and his get excelled in the bite work.

Even though there was much judging on aggression, it is also apparent that the Claudius stock, were structurally desirable animals "

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History