Ch. Cito v.d. Hermannschleuse

Ch. Cito v.d. Hermannschleuse

Nestor v. Goldon

Ajax v. Stieg-Anger

Cora v.d. Wolfslust

Ch. Cito v.d. Hermannschleuse

Pirol v.d. Buchenhohe

Hanna v. Equord

Uda v. Maschtor

"... (a) rather small dog Cito von der Hermannschleuse. The pictures showed him standing natural with the most beautiful balanced angulation front and rear. A dark sable dog that to me looked beautiful.

I saw him at the 1955 American National and was most impressed the way he moved. Most breeders missed him. There were also some of his outstanding offspring there, that resulted from combining him with the predominantly Pfeffer breeding on the East Coast. They had that same beautiful type and balance....

Cito got his championship without trouble but as a breeder he really excelled. There was one thing about him though, all his progeny were shades of sable gray, that put him a generation away from black and tans and some could not wait - too bad."

~ Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History