Ch. Chablis' Piano Man of Coda

Ch. Chablis' Piano Man of Coda

Breeder: Sharon Polifrone & Cindy & Ardlin Bartley
Owners: Terry Gorham, Kathy Potter & Bart & Cindy Bartley
DOB: January 10, 2000

Ch. Aztec's Kodak ROM

Ch. Lin-Ter's Tiburon of Chablis

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Roma Amo ROM, TC
Ch. Chablis' Piano Man of Coda

Ch. Schneiderhof's Brew v Chablis'

Chablis Mad About U Nitewynd

  Ch. Scharo's Fiesta Fun

GSDC of Baton Rouge---September 16th, 2001---Winners Dog

" You just can't fault this guy!  He is a medium-sized, richer black and tan, who is deep with a good back.  He is a very pretty package, clean coming and going, completely balanced with a beautiful side gait."

~ Kathy Field Casteel, Esq.


GSDC of America---November 6th, 2001---Best Opposite Sex in Futurity

"Looks like a German Shepherd, acts like a German Shepherd and moves like a German Shepherd.  What more can you say?  He spent most of the class on a totally loose lead, extending in both the front and rear while maintaining topline.  Very sound.  Clean coming and going and a balanced mover.  A real pleasure to watch and a well deserved win."

-Mr. Joe LaRosa


GSDC of America---November 7th, 2001---Bred-By Exhibitor Dog

"Good size black and tan, nicely pigmented with a suspended gait.  Good opening of shoulder and a positive show attitude."

~Mr. Joe LaRosa


Illini GSDC---February 1, 2002---Winners Dog

"A very dark, low-stationed, heavy-coated male.  He suspends beautifully, taking a long, effortless stride; his front really opens due to the unusually long upper arm and lay-back of the blade.  This dog is heavier than I would like to see him, but his back never gave despite extensive gaiting."

~Nancy Harper

GSDC of America---October 16th, 2002---Select #13

"A medium sized, mostly black and tan male of pleasing outline. He is a smooth, easy, well-coordinated side mover. Could use a touch stronger head and is a bit wide coming. Overall very nice."

~Edmond Barritt