Ch. Cent zd Funf Giebeln, SchH II

Ch. Cent zd Funf Giebeln SchH II

Breeder: E. Hogermeyer
Owner: Jack LaRou & Eleanor A. Waskow MD
DOB: January 14th, 1956

V Hein v. Richterbach SchH III

VA Caesar vd Malmannsheide SchH III, FH, ROM

Donka v Muschelteich SchH III
Ch. Cent zd Funf Giebeln, SchH II

Arry v Bockhorner Hof SchHII

SG Ora v. Scharmbeck SchH II

  Hexe v Scharnbeck SchHI

GSDC of Canada---1961---Grand Victor

GSDC of America---1962---Select #3

GSDC of America---1963---Select #3


 "A richly coloured black and gold Cent was well angulated behind, excessively so according to Wicht (1960), and a very head animal with a reaching gait despite being steep in upper arm.  N. Elliott (1960c) criticized his undoubted roach but suggested he was a useful corrective force."

~Author Unknown

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