2005 Select Excellent
Ch. Castlehill-Miterhaun Tuff Enuf TC, HIC

Ch. Castlehill-Miterhaun Tuff Enuf TC HIC
GS-70172G35M-PI EL16908M35-PI
Breeder: G. Hardcastle, Karen Taylor, Jerry Guzman, Mary Stoll
Owner:Terrie Miles Green & Jessie W. Green 
October 8th, 2000 ~ 2006

AOE 1998 GV Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, TC, ROM
AOE 2001 GV Select Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision TC HT ROM
Ch. Survival's Cherry Koolaid
Ch. Castlehill-Miterhaun Tuff Enuf TC, HIC
Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM
AOE Ch. Castlehill's Cuz I Want To PT, TC, HIC, ROM
Castlehill's Fontina

Santa Maria/San Luis Bay GSDC --- February 12, 2005 --- Best Opposite Sex

"A really sound dog who exudes masculinity. He has very good movement, temperament and is an overall good representative."

~ Kathy Potter

GSDC of San Diego --- March 26th, 2005 --- Best of Breed

"A large middle-strength male with excellent overall proportions. High wither, short strong back, and a beautiful, long, properly angled croup with equal proportions of wither, back and croup. Excellent pigmentation, straight long bones, and proper pasterns and feet. The forehand was well placed with a long upper arm that could be a nuance better angled. The underline was excellent and the hindquarter was excellent.
I would like the muzzle to be a bit stronger. In motion he was clean coming and going and had a powerful balanced outreaching gait with strong hindquarter action which was transmitted over the strong back to the forehand. A worthy representative of our breed."

~ Dr. Morton Goldfarb

GSDC of Canada --- September 14th, 2006 --- Grand Victor

Large dark masculine male of excellent Breed type. Excellent over and underline with proper body proportions. Excellent length of upper arm that could be ever so slightly better angled. Excellent hindquarter angulation. Long bones are straight and feet and pasterns are good. He is straight coming and going and in side motion he has a powerful balance outreaching side gait. He runs with a very high wither and in the proper medium trot has excellent drive from the hindquarter with power transmitted from the proper croup over a strong back to the forehand. A worthy representative or our Breed!!"

~ Morton Goldfarb


GSDC of America --- November 5th, 2005 --- Select Excellent #2

~ Mr. Ken Downing