Ch. Carowind's Chad of Nordlicht

Ch. Carowind's Chad of Nordlicht
Owner: Dr. Firouz Shahrokhi

Ch. Von Der Lay's Midnight Cowboy

Ch. Von Der Lay's Rhinestone Cowboy

Galewynd's Channacha
Ch. Carowind's Chad of Nordlicht

GV Ch. Langenau's Watson ROM

Ch. Baymeadow's Fawn

  Eko-Lan's Petite


November 1982---Winners Dog

"Strong temperament, medium sized black and tan with strong pigment. Pronounced secondary sex characteristics. Strong head and back. Average croup length with normal angulation. Tail set normal. Forequarter; upperarm average; scapula average; scapula average 90% angle. Hindquarter; 90% rear, Pasterns normal in length and is strong at the hock joint, normal feel. Correct scissors bite strong full dentition. Clean coming and going, excellent side gait (excellent hind/fore quarter) but loose overline in motion."

-Carmen Battaglia

GSDC of Washington --- January 1983 ---Best of Breed

"An excellent specimen of the breed, well angulated hindquarters and shoulders and strong back. Clean coming and an effortless gait with an exceptional long reach, covering maximum ground."

--R. Brandenburg

August 1983---Best of Breed

"A very handsome black and tan male, good topline, excellent side gait, good coming and going, just a standout over all."

--Peggy Douglas