Ch. Caraland-Survival Cortez

Ch. Caraland-Survival Cortez

Breede/Ownersr: Jack Newton, Andy Tesiorowski & Mary Lou Middleton Newton
DOB: September 14th, 1998

Proven Hill's Sport v Adelgard

AOE GV Ch. Caraland's Unlimited TC CD ROM

Ch. Caraland's Patricia
Ch. Caraland-Survival Cortez

Ch. Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM

Survival's Windigail Goldengait

Survival Entrance (Flag daughter)

GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---12 to 18 Month Dog

"He has that rare look of masculine elegance. So handsomely black and dark tan with a wonderful suspended gait. I really liked this dog. Fortunately, the class was large and provided him time to settle down enough to win."

~ Charolotte LaRose