Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Check Marc ROM

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Check Marc ROM
OFA GS-33244G24M / EL1906
Breeders/Owners: Maryanne Cox & G. Birch & C. Pottle
DOB: Jan 5 1991

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Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill Ghostbuster ROM

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Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Check Marc

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  Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Triumph ROM

GSDC of America --- 1993 --- Select #8

"large black and tan male. Masculine head with dark eyes. I would like to see a little longer neck on this guy. He is a powerful mover both on a loose and tight lead (and no lead). Has a good period of suspension and is clean coming and going."

~ Margaret (Peggy) Douglas

GSDC of America --- 1994 --- Select #9

"a very nice, large, mostly black and some tan, strong, masculine male. Appealing when posed, takes a good length of stride. Very nice."

~ Ed Barritt

GSDC of America --- October 23rd, 1999 --- Veteran Dog

"Big, strong and masculine. Gorgeous head and expression. Wonderful positive attitude. He still has a pretty topline and really enjoys competing. He went on to Select."

Charlotte LaRosa


GSDC of America --- October 23rd, 1999 --- Select #6

"A well pigmented black and tan of excellent proportions. Excellent secondary sex characteristics, very sound coming and going. Sidegait very good, reaches in front, finishes well behind. Very good croup. A little nick behind withers, but  no give in back. Feet and pasterns good. Like his counterpart in bitches, this dog would have been a contender from Specials. Being from Veterans and at 9-years old----very, very impressive!"

~ Fred Migilore

2000 Register of Merit Sire

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Denotes a member of the 13-Club