Ch.Cresthaven's Deja-Vu

Ch.Cresthaven's Deja-Vu

Breeder: Terri Stout
Owner: Terri and Barbara Stout

Ch Jo-Win's Main Street
Ch. Cresthaven's Ricohet v Lee Ray
Tash Val Naomi of Lee Ray
Ch.Cresthaven's Deja-Vu
Cresthaven Nightwolf Kamedon
Greystone Cheyann v Cresthaven
Von Charisma Natasha v Cresthaven

GSDC of America --- Veteran Bitch 9 Years & Over

"An exceptional black and tan bitch. She was very outreaching from the side both front and rear carrying a good back and topline with a nice croup. She was outstanding with a wonderful expression."

~ Rita Sandell