Covy's Felita of Tucker Hill ROM

Covy's Felita of Tucker Hill ROM
OFA-GS 3471
Breeder/Owners: Gloria F. Birch & Cappy Pottle


1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan's Island ROM

Cobert's Mellissa ROM
Covy's Felita of Tucker Hill ROM

Obernauf's Daemon

Ch. Kovaya's Contessa CD ROM

  Chickwood's Gillie ROM


1980 Register of Merit Report

"Another Covy-Tucker Hill success story. Felita is a daughter of Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan's Island ROM out of Ch. Kovaya's Contessa CD ROM.  She is line-bred on Ch. Bernd v. Kallengarten ROM.  Felita's progeny are sired by Covy-Tucker Hill's Zinfandel ROM, who produced 1 Champion and 1 winning progeny, Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Durango, who produced a Champion, and Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hill ROM, who produced two more winning progeny.  Each of these sires go back to Harrigan and the Melissa-Lance combination, through the brothers Gilligan and Harrigan.  Felita was bred and owned by Gloria Bitch and Cappy Pottle."

~Connie Beckhardt

1984 Red Book

"The day Felita died, Zinfandel, who loved her as his life's mate howled for at least 10 minutes. Felita was in the house and Zinny was in their kennel with the big tree. Somehow he knew she had gone. Felita was such a wonderful dog, she was so vitally alive and had such a strong spirit. She always seemed to have a smile on her face and was a very happy dog.

We are left with the memories of her playing ball, eating water hoses, and barking in Zinny's ear. Her love of water was an endearing trait which she inherited from our beloved Contessa

Felita was a strong and healthy German Shepherd Dog with good bone, substance and depth of body. She had vitality with the appearance and attitude of a three year old. She had excellent feet and pasterns, arched neck, dark eyes, a noble head, and expression, a well formed croup, and saber tail. Her build was harmonious and she had an alert bright temperament. Felita was a fleet, clean, balanced, strong mover close to the standard. A true working type dog with great beauty and elegance

It is hard to believe that all those years of fun with her have passed so quickly, we miss her so much, but are grateful that we have her wonderful daughter Rosita to carry on for her."

-Breeders/Owners: Gloria F. Birch and Cappy Pottle

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