Covina Knoll's Furie ROM

Covina Knoll's Furie ROM

Breeder: Ralph & Mary Roberts
Owner:  Mary C. Roberts & Doris Rossini

Ch. Val-Koa's Roon

Ch. Sregor's M.C.

Sregor's Bess of Paragon Mills
Covina Knoll's Furie ROM

Ch. Vox Wikingerblut ROM
  Ch. Val-Koa's Vox Angelica CD
    Ch. Val-Koa Kellee ROM

1985 Register of Merit Dam

"Covina Knoll's Furie is line bred on Ch. Vox Wikingerblut and Ch. Val-Koa's Kellee who is a daughter of Ch. Ulk Wikingerblut.  Her breeding to Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Finnegan ROM is distant line breeding on Bernd."

~Connie Beckhardt 

Ch. Two-Coo's Zehren of West Wind
Ch. Zipcode of West Wind
Ch. Emcee of West Wind
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