Copper Canyon's Nita ROM

Copper Canyon's Nita ROM
Owned by: Mr. and Mrs. John Totten

Ch. Orex of Rocky Reach CD, ROM

Ch. Critic of Kola Marc CD, ROM
  O'Mona of Grettmarc, CD
Copper Canyon's Nita ROM

Ch. Cavalier of Rocky Reach CD ROM

Ch. Ylerta of Rocky Reach
    Ch. Karah v Kuperhof CD ROM

1965 Register of Merit Report

"Nita is one of the bitches which became ROM after her death for she died last September at the age of 9 years.  A daughter of Ch. Critic of Kola-Marc, CD ex Ch. Ylerta of Rocky Reach, Nita was bought at the age of 5 years by the Tottens.  From that time on she was a part of their family and all her life slept on whichever of the children's beds seemed to her to have the most room for her.  She produced 5 litters and helped to raise two litters of motherless puppies of another breed.  She loved to travel and the car very seldom left without her.  Mrs. Totten writes, "I could write a book about Nita and her wonderful qualities; part of us went with her when she passed on."

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