Ch. Concho Angelina

Ch. Concho Angelina

Breeders - K Casteel, E Nellis & C Williams
Owners: KF Casteel, C Williams & D & N Nellis

Ch. Nike-Clayfield Andretti ROM

Ch. Cross Timber's Basic

Clayfield Meadow's Tansy
Ch. Concho Angelina

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

Ch. Brentaryl's Fury

  Ch. Stonekroft's Josie ROM

GSDC of America---1992---Select #4

"excellent type with good balance. Very good front and rear assembly, nice back, croup and short hock. Nice feet and pasterns. Excellent sidegaiter with strong drive and good reach in front. Carries good topline, but could have a little more strength of back."

~ Ralph Roberts