Ch. Cobert's Mariah of Windigail ROM

Ch. Cobert's Mariah of Windigail ROM
OFA GS-10848
Breeder: Gail Sprock & Connie Beckhardt
Owner:  John Perrin & Trish Perrin

1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Cobert's Reno of Lakeside ROM

Cobertís Melissa ROM
Ch. Cobert's Mariah of Windigail ROM

1973 GV Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh Gardens ROM

Cobert's Windsong ROM

  Ch. Cobert's Golly Gee of Lakeside ROM

1985 Register of Merit Report

"Ch. Cobert's Mariah of Windigail is heavily line bred on the Lance-Melissa breeding through Reno and his sister Golly Gee.  When bred to Zinfandel the breeding becomes more intense for the brother Harrigan is added to the pedigree."

~Connie Beckhardt & Maryellen 

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