Ch. Cloverleife's Firecracker

Ch. Cloverleife's Firecracker
GS-EL 17992F28-PI GS-72194G28F-PI
Breeder/Owner: Natalie & Jerry Stewart
DOB: February 24, 2003

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Ch. Cloverleife's Firecracker
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GSDC of Wisc, Inc --- February 6, 2005 --- Winners Bitch

"my winning bitch had a long suspended sidegait, clean coming and going with a good back and topline....excellent temperament...."

Rita Sandell

GSDC of Central Indiana --- April 3rd, 2005 --- Winners Bitch, Best of Winners & Best of Breed

"This medium-dark, one-piece bitch is a very good you notice right away with the first step she takes. She is a spectacular mover - as good as I've seen in awhile. She can really stroke it at both ends. She has tremendous rear underreach and follow-through. She loves to gait. High energy and over-exuberance at first causes her to lift slightly in front until she settles down. When she does, she has great rhythm. She never changes her outline at any speed, always uphill, with a short, strong back and a lovely neck-piece. Clean and sound. Aptly named."

~ Bob Drescher

GSDC of St Louis ---May 13, 2006 --- Best of Breed

"It was love the first time I saw “Peanut” over two years ago, at three years of age she still takes my breath away. Firecracker is a very appropriate name. She needs about 10 laps around a football field to settle and work; but when she does, she is spellbinding------she is what our breed is so lacking today – a spectacular sidegaiter."

Sally Hayden