Ch. Cloverleife's Dimples

Ch. Cloverleife's Dimples
OFA GS-68336G24F-PI ELGS15949F24PI
Breeder/Owner: Natalie & Jerry Stewart
DOB: January 14th, 2002

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Cloverleife's Yes-No-Maybe
Cloverleife's Lickety-Split
Ch. Cloverleife's Dimples
Ch. Jo-Win's Mainstreet
Jo-Win's Cheyenne
Elvaston's Cathy Smyly

GSDC of Toledo --- 2004--- Winners Bitch

"Dimples is a correct sized bitch with beautiful pigment. Clean coming and going with a beautiful side gait. Back appeared solid on the day of judging and feet and pasterns correct. Passed temperament test with no problem. The 6-8 feet approach test was used. She is a real "Lady" type bitch--just what I like in a bitch."

~ Sandy Card