Ch. Clayfield's London

Ch. Clayfield's London

Breeder: Sharon Earl, Alice Likens and Sally Bishop
Owner: Sally Stewart Bishop and John Wilcox
DOB: July 20th, 1983

Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail ROM

Ch. Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM

GV Ch. Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill ROM
Ch. Clayfield's London

Ch Karagin's Crusader ROM

Clayfield-Smithfield Jordan ROM

  Clayfield Devon v Hausmekon ROM

GSDC of America---1987---Select #2

"She is a four year old, good medium sized, very substantial bitch in body almost bordering on the masculine side. There was more of a contrast in size between these first two excellent bitches than I would normally like. This bitch is a well proportioned and a good moving animal. The Grand Victrix defeated her on showmanship and sparkle."

~ Ernst Loeb