1972 Grand Victrix
Ch. Cathwar's Lisa von Rob

1972 GV Ch. Cathwar's Lisa von Rob ROM

Breeders: Richard Robshaw 
Owners: Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Ross Jr.

1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan's Island ROM

Cobert's Melissa ROM
1972 GV Ch. Cathwar's Lisa von Rob ROM

Ch. Hanko v. Lahnblick

Ch. Lorjo's Donka

  Lorjo's Reike v. Horstheim


1977 Register of Merit Dam

"This beautiful Grand Victrix is a daughter of Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan Island and out of Ch. Lorjo's Donka.  She is line-bred on the "F" litter Arbywood and once again Bernd appears on the top side of the pedigree.  Three other progeny are sired by Ch. Cobert's Reno of Lakeside ROM which is inbreeding on the Melissa-Lance combination.  Her fourth progeny is sired by Ch. Bel-Vista's Joey Baby which is line breeding on Lance.  Lisa was bred y Richard Robshaw and is owned by Marge and Pete Ross.  We congratulations them all on having achieved so much success in the breed ring and the whelping box."

~ Connie Beckhardt

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