Ch. Castlehill's Cuz I Want To


Ch. Castlehill's Cuz I Want To PT, TC, HIC, ROM
Canadian Grand Victrix
OFA-H-GS-57471G33F-T E-GS-EL10712-T
Breeder: Gail Hardcastle
Owner: Gail M. Hardcastle & Karen Taylor & Mary Stoll

DOB: November 8 1996

Von Ivo's Tru Spirit of Jerico

Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM

Sunday Silence of Nordlicht ROM
Ch. Castlehill's Cuz I Want To PT, TC, HIC, ROM

Ch. Survival Windigail's Highflyer ROM

Castlehill's Fontina

Chanellor's Flirt Hoheneichen

GSDC of America---November 8th, 1997---9 to 12 Puppy Bitch

"A type dark sable shown on a loose lead, carries an iron topline, excellent reach and good follow through. This was a super class. My second place was very similar in type and movement... just a hair line difference."

~ Rosalind Schaefer

GSDC of America---November 8th, 1997---Best Puppy


GSDC of America --- November 4/5 1998 --- Futurity Victrix

"This was a class of beautiful bitches, very deep in quality. Best in Futurity and Futurity Victrix is a beautiful sable of beautiful breed type. Clean coming and going, full dentition, strong back. Effortless in motion with excellent transmission and a beautiful suspended side gait. She has an excellent follow through in the hindquarter, lack of which is a serious problem in our breed today. She is a complete package that does not take a wrong step."

~ Fran Ford


GSDC of America --- November 7, 1998 --- Select #3

"A beautiful sable of exquisite outline, a classic picture when stacked. Clean down and back, smooth from the side but lacks a bit in forehand. A lovely type."

~ Edmond Barritt


GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Maturity Victrix

"A real American Beauty. A sable show stopper in repose. Sound in every respect."

~ Charlotte LaRosa


GSDC of America --- October 23rd, 1999 --- Select #2

"A well pigmented sable bitch of excellent proportions, excellent secondary sex characteristics, strong but feminine. Sound coming and going. Sidegait is very good. Feet and pasterns are good. A very beautiful bitch, always on stage. If I were to change her in any way, I would like her front feet close to the ground, and she comes at you a touch wide. In all, she is an excellent animal I would be proud to have bred."

~ Fred Migilore

2003 Register of Merit Dam

Select Excellent Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill
  Select Ex.Ch. Castlehill-Miterhaun Tuff Enuf AOE 2001 GV Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision TC HT ROM
Select Ex. Ch. Castlehilll's Tuff Cookie
Castlehill's Cuz I Can v Frontier
Castlehill's Oh No Not Again!
Castlehill's Tuff Act To Follow
Castlehill's Tuff Luv v Clayfield
Jerry Guzman was a co-breeder of all the above qualifiers.