2002/'03/'04 Select Champion
Carousel Farms Jill v Cypress TC

Ch. Carousel Farms Jill v Cypress TC

Breeder: Lew & Nicky Bunch & T. Castriota & S. Dancosse
Owner: Lew & Nicky Bunch
DOB: March 7th, 2000

Winsomes Albear Einstein

Ch. Carousel Farms Cosby Elkhill PT

Ch Ken-Delaines Carousel PT
Select Ch. Carousel Farms Jill v Cypress TC

Ch Schokrest Presideo

Britta vom Cypress

Falona DJ vom Fairfield ROM

GSDC of America---October 16th, 2002---Select #7

"A dry hard black and tan feminine lady. She has good body proportions and is a strong outreaching mover. Looks good tight or loose and has a solid mid-piece and firm ligamentation."

~Edmund Barritt

GSDC of Greater Kansas City --- June 7, 2003 --- Best of Breed

I had the extreme pleasure to award Jill the final points last Fall that enabled her to compete in the Specials ring in St. Louis. I was thrilled to see she is even more cohesive in motion now than then. Very outreaching on a loose or tight lead , a light golden black and tan, she is feminine and yet strong. She has a lovely character, and is clean coming and going on strong, tight feet. She is one to keep a picture of in your mind whether stacked or in motion. She asked for the win!

~ Joan Fox


GSDC of America --- October 2003 --- Select #5

~ Dave Rinke


GSDC of America --- October 16th, 2004 --- Select #4

"This is a classic saddled bitch who is strong and athletic in motion. Clean as can be coming and going. Smooth on a loose lead and uses all she has. George Berstler and she are a match."

~ Joan Fox