Ch. Carousel Farm's Samantha TC, PT

Ch. Carousel Farm's Samantha
OFA H GS-56655G30F-T OFA E GS-EL10260-T
Breeder: Lew & Nicky Bunch
Owner: Chris S. Jolley & Nicky D. Bunch

Feburary 7th, 1997

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Ch. Carousel Farm's Samantha

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Ch. Ken-Delaine's Carousel, TC, PT

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GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Select #5

"A light pigmented black and tan bitch of very good proportions. Very good secondary sex characteristics, strong but feminine. Sound coming and going, good feet and  pasterns. Sidegait: outreaching in front, strong rear, finishes well behind. She is very  effortless in motion. Not the most beautiful bitch I have ever seen. Carries
her tail high, pigment could be better. She was her high Select on her easy sidegait."

~ Fred Migilore

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