Ch. Carmil's Koko Channel

Ch. Carmil's Koko Channel

Owner: Carol Miller
DOB: October 10, 1978

Ch. Eko-Lanís Paladen ROM
Ch. Doppelt-Tayís Hammer ROM
Doppelt-Tayís Jessette
Ch. Carmil's Koko Channel
Zeus of Fran-Jo ROM
Carmil's Ebony v Hoheneichen
Jasmin v Hoheneichen

GSDC of Detroit --- June 1, 1980--- Winners Bitch

"Winners Bitch came from the Amercian Bred class while the Reserve came from Open. Although the open bitch and Reserve Von Autumn's Christy Love was more my type, she was not as tight in elbow and did not have quite the follow through which the Winner's Bitch Carmil's Koko Channel displayed. Both are lovely bitches and it was not an easy decision to make."

~ Judge Ernest Loeb