Ch. Capri of Doral

Ch. Capri of Doral
Owners: B. & S. Harrison

Vom Trum's Furor
  Vom Trum's Meik

Vom Trum's Whisper of Jimbet
Ch. Capri of Doral

1967 GV Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Dana von Liebestraum

Mira vom Paradies der Vierfussler

GSDC of America---1976---Open Bitch

"First Place ribbon was well-earned by Capri of Doral, a dark black and tan bitch of superior overall conformation, correct movement with a beautiful floating effortless gait with an excellent period of suspension that permitted her to move over an extended period of time at all speeds with as much display of power and grace at the end as well as in the beginning. The deciding overall factor that mandated me to award her the first place ribbon was that together with her excellent physical attributes, she possessed the beautiful qualities of character and
temperament that characterizes the true German Shepherd. She is one of the top young bitches in the country."

~ Jack Ogren

GSDC of America --- 1976 ---Winners Bitch

"My winners bitch was awarded to the Open Bitch Class winner Capri of Doral. She again showed me her overall superiority of conformation, effortless gait and tremendous mind of the true character and temperament of the German Shepherd. My confidence in her was well warranted since she later was awarded Best of Winners and 5th select among the top specials bitch in the country."

~ Jack Ogren

GSDC of America --- 1976 --- Select #5


GSDC of America---1978---Select #9

"A medium-sized, black and tan bitch presenting an appealing outline with moderate angulation. She was in good physical condition but appeared to be in less than full coat. Although her gait is very smooth and coordinated. I would not call her an extreme mover; but what she does, she does easily and efficiently. Her back is good but she shows a slight overcast in topline over her loin. She has good ligamentation and moves well on a loose lead. She has harmonious structure but is not as long striding as I would prefer."

~ Ed Barritt