Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Ginny Wolf ROM

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Ginny Wolf ROM

Breeder: Gloria F. Birch, Cappy Pottle & Kurt & Ethel Wolff
Owner: Gloria Birch & Cappy Pottle
DOB: June 13th, 1992

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival ROM

Hoheneichen's Bliss
Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Ginny Wolf ROM

Nike Clayfield All American

Ch. Gidget Goes Covy Tucker Hills  ROM

  Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Carte Blanca ROM

#6 Dam for 2001~ AKC Point Tabulation 

"In the introduction of the first issue (1971) of the Red Book, I wrote that "the influence on the breed exerted by a great brood bitch an not be compared with that of a prepotent stud dog who sires many litters in his lifetime and is linebred upon for many future generations.  

Bitches usually have only six or seven litters with comparably few offspring of whom few are champions.  (The record being 13 which is held by Ch. Nyx of Longworth ROM.)  Every one and then in the course of the history of the breed, there will appear a bitch whose offspring are outstanding and prepotent themselves and they will continue to breed true to type.  Seldom are these bitches linebred upon but sometimes they are the foundation upon which a kennel or family strain is built."  At the time I was thinking of the great Cobert's Melissa and her beautiful sons and daughters.  Gloria and I were planning to breed Angelique to Harrigan.  Little did we know that thirty years later we would still be perpetuating that incredible tail female line extending from Ch. Chickwood's Feather ROM, great granddaughter of Levade Preussenblut ROM.  Feather's dam, Waldenmark's Zeta, was inbred (1/2 brother/sister) on Levade Preussenblut who in turn was inbred on Lex & Lende Preussenblut.  Lex was the sire of the famed Rolf Osnabrueckerland.  We continue to perpetuate the value of this unique and uninterrupted Register of Merit tail female line with Ginny Wolf: 

  • Ch. Chickwood's Feather ROM 
  • Chickwood's Gillie OFA ROM, 
  • Ch. Kovaya's Contessa OFA CD ROM, 
  • Ch. Covy's Felita of Tucker Hill OFA ROM, 
  • Ch. Covy's Rosita of Tucker Hill OFA ROM, 
  • Am/Can Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Carte Blanca OFA ROM and 
  • Am/Can. Ch. Gidget Goes Covy-Tucker Hill OFA ROM.

At 10 years Ginny Wolf guards the back door to our house at Covy-Tucker Hill in a place of well deserved honor.  Her mother Gidget, born March 4th 1988, is reigning supreme at the home of Ethel and Kurt Wolff at 14 years of age.  Ginny holds the genes available through her daughters of an unprecedented tail female line of Register of Merit bitches.  Ginny Wolf will hopefully soon add her name to that uninterrupted tail female line of ROM dams.  She has three champion offspring:

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Beneficent
Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Durazno
Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Gold Dust

Ethel & Kurt Wolff are the co-breeders of Gold Dust & Duranzo.