Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Charmalita ROM

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Charmalita ROM

Breeders: M. & J. Kramm & C. Pottle & G. Birch
Owners: Charles & Priscilla Countee & Morgan & Gloria Kramm
DOB: July 13th, 1979


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Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Charmalita ROM

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1985 Register of Merit Dam

"Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Charmalita is heavily line bred on Lance-Melissa through Reno, Golly Gee, Harrigan and Gilligan.  

"When bred to Select Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid we pick up on more Lance through Hawkeye.  Her Pinebeach's Doctor Doolittle progeny are line breeding on Reno and Gilligan"

~Connie Beckhardt & Maryellen Kish

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