Audifax von Grafrath HGH

Audifax von Grafrath HGH
SZ 368
DOB: 1901 

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Russ HGH

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Audifax von Grafrath HGH

(HGH Blood)

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(HGH Blood)

"By the turn of the century Von Stephanitz was working with sheep-herding working  lines.  At the Augsbrug Sheep Market he found a sheep-herding dog with three generations of HGH animals.  He liked this animal so much he quickly bought him.  He later  renamed him "Audifax von Grafrath".  

Audifax was the 368th German Shepherd Dog registered in Germany.  Audifax  was known as a "Swabian Service Dog".  These dogs were developed in the mountains of Swabian, in South West Germany.  

Audifax was born in 1901 and when bred to Sigrun von Grafrath produced the 1904 Sgr. Aribert von Grafrath.

Audifax von Grafrath HGH, when we look at the picture of this herding dog, we see a kinky coat that probably came from his nondescript ancestors. He also shows an excellent shoulder assembly with the bones of the shoulder meeting in as close as one might find to a ninety-degree angle. He also had very upright pasterns. "

Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History