Ch. Asbach vom Kortebusch

Ch. Asbach vom Kortebusch

Breeder: W. Hermsmeier
Owner: Hanarob Knls. and Wilva Don Knls.

V Vello zu den Sieben-Faulen SchH III FH
Barry v. Schellenbach SchH III
Astrid von der Schwelmer SchH I
Ch. Asbach vom Kortebusch
Dasso vom Giebelplatz SchH III FH (Casar son)
Fiola v Schloss-Friedenstein SchH I
Bella vom Schloss Friedenstein SchH I (Alf dau)

GSDC of Kansas City --- October 21, 1967 ---- WD, BOW & BOB

"He is medium size, excellent sex characteristics, with full dentition. Asbach is a dog of excellent balanced and proportion. His shoulder is long and laid flat against his body, with the proper angulation. He has a nice high wither. His rear assembly has the correct angulation with a broad and well muscled thigh and stifle. The croup was long and nicely sloping and permitted him to reach well under his body. He is an excellent side gaiting dog, with good reach and drive from the rear. I am pleased to report he is clean coming and going, not prevalent in our breed today. I would like to see a little more strength of back. The dog is a top one --- a rare comment from this "rigid" battle-scarred writer"

~ Ralph Roberts