Ch. Arno vom Weinkastell

Ch. Arno vom Weinkastell

Owner: Dr. and Mrs. William Lee

Junker v Summerland SchH III
Lardo vom Spargeldorf SchH III FH
Dixi v Summerland SchH I (Axel dau)
Ch. Arno vom Weinkastell
Gauner v Schnapp SchH III (Arras son)
Druxi vom Kohlenhof SchH II
Asta v Haus Eckstein

GSDC of Central Ohio --- May 26th, 1968 --- Best of Breed

"Best of Breed to Ch. Arno Vom Weinkastell owned by Dr. and Mrs. William Lee. Arno is a large beautifully pigmented dog that moves with great ease. His powerful ground covering gait was the deciding factor in his favor. He possesses good secondary sex characteristics and has an ideal male temperament."

~ Robert Hamilton