1969 Grand Victor
Ch. Arno v.d. Kurpfalzhelle

1969 GV Ch. Arno v.d. Kurpfalzhelle
Breeder: H. Ohmig
Owner: Sam Lawrence

Jalk v. Fahlenbrunnen SchH III

V Fant v. Eichengarten SchH II

VA Rita v. Wellstein SchH II KKL 1

1969 GV Ch. Arno v.d. Kurpfalzhelle

Fix z.d. Sieben-Faulen SchH III

Peggi v. Aichtal SchH I

Elsa v. Aichtal SchH I

GSDC of America---1969---Best Opposite Sex to Best of Breed

"My Best of Opposite. "Ch Arno von der Kurpfalzhalle" a young dog in the best of company won on his overall soundness, he showed great will to move, sound back, though lacking in the correct front, he pushes off well and transmits through his firm back and reaches adequately."

~Robert A. Denton


GSDC of America---1971---Select #4