1913 German Sieger
VA Arno von der Eichenburg
SchH III Kkl 1

1913 Sgr. VA Arno von der Eichenburg SchH III Kkl 1
SZ 24876
Breeder: W. Koch; Erfurt
DOB: June 19th, 1909

1908 Sgr. VA Luchs vom Kalsmunt Wetzlar

1910 Sgr. VA Tell von der Kriminalpolizei PH

Herta von der Kriminalpolizei PH

1913 Sgr. VA Arno von der Eichenburg SchH III Kkl 1


Diana von der Blossenburg PH


  • V Flieder Grünen Eck SchH III
"A prominent Tell son Arno v d Eichenburg, was to a large extent a throwback to Luchs as he was more of the proportions that the S.V. desired.

Making Arno Sieger in 1913 was probably partly as an effort to throw the emphasis away from the Tell, Jung Tell combination and type, bringing the breed back to the shape Von Stephanitz was advocating. Arno did have a line back to Roland on his mother side, appears to have had a good temperament that followed in his progeny. From his picture it would appear that he had good rear angulation. The front does not look so good in the shoulder assembly as it appears the upper arm is short.

This would likely show as a lifting or hackney style action in front. The feet on this dog look good and the let down in the rear corresponds with the proportionate let down in pastern. Other than the front lift up, Arno was probably an efficient smooth moving dog, a good banner carrying dog for the breed."

~Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History