Armin von Paswalk SchH

Armin von Paswalk

1909 Sgr. Hettel v. Uckermark

Billo v. Riedekenburg

Flora Berkemeyer

Armin von Paswalk

Diethelm v. Riedekenburg (Apollo x Flora)

Debora von Peterstirn

Inga v. Birkenfeld (Horst daughter)

German Shepherd Dog History by Gordon Garrett

"This Armin was considered the greatest producer of his day and he also went to the United States where he was the leading sire of that time. Armin von Paswalk was universally: acclaimed as being the best in the American Breed Survey (First Try) that at that time was just getting started. The Survey traveled all over the United States surveying dogs. Four generations of Artur Mutterlieb’s pedigree are shown. He became a factor. Note that he is more a product of Horst/Boll inbreeding than that of Flora. He is in behind dogs used for temperament improvement.

Armin von Paswalk went with the breed survey, being shown and surveyed as they went. He overshadowed dogs that because of their great wins would have expected to do better. Perhaps this "almost" crusade where one dog was brought along as the image of what the breed should be in the face of the opinions of judges, might have had something to do with the eventual failure of this Breed Survey"