Ch. Ardric's Drachenfels

Ch. Ardric's Drachenfels

Breeder: Est. of I. Hooker
Owner: B. & J. Cusick
DOB: August 14th, 1986


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Ch. Ardric's Drachenfels

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GSDC of America---1987---Novice Dog

"Large deeply pigmented sable with excellent secondary sex characteristics. Large masucline head with strongly developed jaws. He covers a lot of ground with a long even stride. Excellent temperament. Back is firm and correct. Foot timing-9 "

-Carmen Battaglia

August 1988---Winners Dog

"A large sable male with excellent secondary sex characteristics. He has good bone and substance and dark eyes. The shoulders are long and obliquely angles. Withers are higher than and slope into a strong level back. Moves with a smooth elastic gait and demonstrates that he has a mechanical advantage."

--Carmen Battaglia

GSDC of America---November 17th, 1988---Select #6

"A strong gaiting dog with a good strong back. easy mover who reaches well, though sometimes inconsistent. Nicely balanced, very nice shoulder, and rear assembly. Good gray pigment, nice head, dark eye. Falls off a little in croup. Good bone, substance, and underline. Reasonably clean coming and going."

--Ralph Roberts

GSDC of America---1989---Select #12

"... an impressive, large masculine gray dog with excellent pigment with a dark eye and beautiful expression. Good bone and substance with a strong back. He was very typey and a nice moving dog."

~ Betty Razevich


GSDC of America---1990---Select #6

"... another nicely formed, appealing, sable male. He gives an excellent appearance and moves smoothly. Clean coming and going and confident in character. He shows a shade less forehand than I would prefer."

~ Ed Barritt