1919 Grand Victor
Ch. Apollo v Hunenstein

1919 GV Ch. Apollo v Hunenstein
SZ 31621  Tan & Gray
Born: February 20th, 1912 

Gunter Uckermark 

Ajax v Hohenstein PH

Cilly vd Maikammer

1919 GV Ch. Apollo v Hunenstein

Diethelm v Bayerland

Liselotte v Hannover PH

Rassa v Hannover PH

1913 Belgium & Austria Sieger

1914 France Sieger

1919 US Grand Victor

"The second National Specialty show had an entry of  95.  The show was judged by Ann Tracy Erikoff.   The second dog to win the Grand Victor title was the imported dog Apollo von Hunenstien PH who was Austrian, French and Belgian Sieger before coming to the United States."

Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History



"Apollo was an over refined rather bitchy dog and rather narrow, which failings the 'D' litter Riedekenburg tended to show."

~Author Unknown 

"In 1914 a dog of some importance who had been a top show winner on the Continent but had been criticized by German judges for transmitting light

 pigmentation and a lack of secondary sex characteristics to his progeny, Apollo von Hunenstein, was exported to America.  He had, in Germany, sired the excellent "d" litter Reidekenburg when bred to Flora Berkemeyer, and he proved to be a worthy stud in the Untied States.  He was but one of several elite imports."

~Ernest Hart
Author of The German Shepherd Dog

"Apollo was not used that often in Germany (94 progeny) because he was considered somewhat bitchy. Through the rest of Europe they did like him a lot but eventually the owners bowed to the constant offers and let him go to the United States. Even there he was not used to the extent that many of the experts felt he should have been. His most beneficial breeding in Germany was the litter out of Flora Berkemeyer. Perhaps it was as it should be, a bringing together of the working lines"

Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History