Select Excellent Ch. Anne-Isle's Promise Keeper TDX, TC, TDI, NAP, RA, CGC

AOE Select Ex. Ch. Anne-Isle's Promise Keeper TC TDX TDI, NAP, RA, CGC
GS-83792G24M-VPI GS-EL25324M24-VPI
GS-CA772/29M/C-VPI GS-TH490/26M-VPI
Breeder: M. Simonett
Owner: Curt & Kristan Laczniak & Martha Simonett
DOB: December 28, 2008

Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff
Select Ex. Ch. Marquis' Stealing the Show
Marquis Finesse
AOE Select Ex. Ch. Anne-Isle's Promise Keeper TC TDI TDX NAP RA TDI CGC
AOE 2x Select Excellent Ch. Jag of Fran-Jo ROM
Intrigue At GarterFranJoAnne-Isle
Lisa of Franjo Anne-Isle

GSDC of America --- October 2009 --- 9 to 12 Puppy Dog

"First place was a handsome larger male puppy with black and tan pigment. He was clean moving from all angles, and had a good attitude. He was exceptionally clean coming toward me. His croup was a bit short and steep. All around he is a very nice puppy."

~ Gloria Birch


GSDC of America --- October 2010 --- Novice Dog

"A large masculine male very balanced, very mature andhandles his size quite well. He is a very exciting side gaiter which is the result of his very good angulation in fore quarter and equally good in rear. A balanced mover he has a great male head, good length of neck, high wither, strong back and excellent croup formation. He is clean down and back. A super strong mover. He'll no doubt be a star."

~ Daniel Smith


GSDC of America --- October 2011 ---Open Dog & Winners Dog

"This dog had a handsome, strong head, beautiful breed type, good body proportions, and exuded masculinity. He has correct angulation and uses it very effectively. I was extremely impressed with his soundness from every angle, wonderful temperament, good feet, and length of stride. "

~ Robert Kish



GSDC of America --- October 2011 Open Dog --- Select Excellent # 20

~ Ed Barritt