V Alex v Ebersnacken SchH III

V Alex v Ebersnacken SchH III

Erich v Glockenbrink

Harras v Glockenbrink

Frieda v Glockenbrink

V Alex v Ebersnacken SchH III

29Sgr Utz v Haus Schutting ZPr

Frigga v Hils

Burga vd Starrenburg

Most Important Progeny:

"Beautiful dog, but no hero... today he would not pass any (temperament or character) examination, would not be approved, or entered in the special book (Koerbook) as most suitable for breeding."

~Herr Alfred Hahn
breeder of Odin v Busecker Schloss - a grand son of Alex v Ebersnacken

 "Alex Ebersnacken and excellent dog structurally but not firm in temperament, also passed on the defects of his breeding -- orchidism, fading color, and faults of dentition and temperament."

~Capt. WM Goldbecker & Ernest Loeb
From "This is the German Shepherd"