Ch. Aldona's Constellation of Maur-Ray.

Ch. Aldona's Constellation of Maur-Ray.

Owner: Mr. Alex Sangster

Hein v. Richterbachtal ROM
1956 GV Ch. Bill v. Kleistweg ROM SchH I
Adda v. Reifeck
Ch. Aldona's Constellation of Maur-Ray
Ch. Sam von der Elfenwiese (V Billo v Oberviehland son)
Dornwald's Dixie
Ch. Jolie v Dornwald

"His length of stifle was what set him apart. He had a nice long croup, although it might have been a little steep. His upper arm was a little steep too, so it all worked well for him in motion. I think the length of body and height at the whithers, helped make him a delight to see moving. He had wonderful hindquarter angulation. This is early on, and we were not accustomed to seeing too many dogs blessed with long stifles and long croups.He was a relatively dark dog, marked with tan that wasn't red, but rather dark itself. His head was masculine and his eyes were also dark too. "

~ Anne Auclair