Ch. Albanhaus' Ike

Ch. Albanhaus' Ike
Breeders: J and D Albano
Owners - J Albano and L Breaut

Ch. Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM

Ch. Breauhausen's SWAT CD

Wonderland's Coed of Cave Hill

Ch. Albanhaus' Ike

Laramine of Jo Mar

Charisma's Anne von Albanhaus

Ramshorn Flirt v. Spring Rock

GSDC of America---1979--Open Dog & Winners Dog

"Just an excellent all around animal, not overdone in any respect; strong, agile, well muscled, with a look of quality and nobility; good sex characteristics; excellent trotter, outreaching, elastic, smooth and rhythmic; covers a great deal of ground without effort; excellent balance and back; very good shoulder, with matching rear; good croup and tail set; clean coming and going; he moves as a Shepherd should move with good suspension and transmission, and without the scrambling front so often passing for movement today. A well balanced dog that can help the breed for the future. Placed first on his smooth and rhythmic gait, balance, and cleanness coming and going."

~ Ralph Roberts

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