Ch. Alabama of Shiloh Gardens

Ch. Alabama of Shiloh Gardens

Breeders: Thomas & Carol McPheron
Owners: Breeders & Jon White
DOB: February 17, 1980

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Ch. Alabama of Shiloh Gardens

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  Waldesruh Pia of Shiloh Gardens

GSDC of America---1984---Select #9

"A good size sable, masculine, a good outline, long stride with good suspension, clean coming and going on a loose lead moves with a lever topline a shade down in withers, strong back."

-Fran Ford

"A good sized sable with excellent angulation on both ends. He presented an excellent outline of shepherd type when posed. Has good temperament and a masculine head. Had good extension on both fore and rear quarter when moving and moved with a good strong level topline. He was clean coming and going and an excellent specimen of the breed."

--Walter Frost

1984 Red Book

"Alabama was the only surviving puppy in the litter. Alabama is a dark sable, medium to large in size. He is clean coming and going and has a far outreaching gait. He is missing a pre-molar and has a slightly flat croup. He has an excellent temperament. Alabama produces animals with have bone, full dentition, erect eras and good shoulders. He produces extreme angulation when bred to a bitch with no rear; he does seem to improve the rear. He produces a small number of coats. He does not produce blues."

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