Ch. Acknowledge of Upper Half

Ch. Acknowledge of Upper Half

Breeder/Owner: Torrey W. and Marie Payne
DOB: April 14th, 1965

Ch.  Harold von Haus Tigges

Behertz v. Whitco

Ch. Acknowledge of Upper Half

Copper Canyan Taras CD

Seldon's Utah Christine
Seldon's Utah Suzette

  GSDC of America --- November 1966 --- American Bred Dog


~ Mr. William Goldbecker


GSDC of America---1968---Select #9

"A striking 3 year old black and tan with excellent showmanship. Would like to see him a little more extreme in front and rear, though he is balanced mover who carries himself well. He displays a little looseness in elbows."

-Ernest Loeb