Ch. Abraxas Titus ROM

Ch. Abraxas Titus ROM

Breeders: Patricia Ross & A. Downing
Owners: Fred Willson & Donna L. Jourdan
DOB: February 9th, 1983

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Ch. Abraxas Titus ROM

1977 GV Ch. Langenaus Watson ROM

Aesop's Bit 'O Honey Abraxas

Abraxas Lisabet Glisando

GSDC of Austin---September 15th, 1985---Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"A medium to large, masculine, harmonious, deeply pigmented black and tan male with excellent breed type. He presented a beautiful overline with a high wither, a short back and croup with good lenght and good angle. The forehand was excellent, the middle piece was short and strong and the hindquarter powerful with excellent angulation. The long bones were straight, the feet and pasterns were good. In gait, he was clean coming and going with a balanced, powerful, ground covering sidegait. I would have wished for more animation and a slightly broader muzzle"

-Morton Goldfarb

1991 Register of Merit Sires

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  Indicates a member of the 13-Club