Ch. Abraxas Promises of Gold CGC

Ch. Abraxas Promises of Gold
OFA GS50148F24M-T EL7498-T


Ch. Hoheniechen's Flag ROM/C

Survival Alator's Frontiersman ROM TC

Hoheneichen's Cassandra Survival ROM/C
Ch. Abraxas Promises of Gold

Ch. Brentaryl's Gunner ROM

Abraxas Faith ROM TC

Ch. Abraxas Alexis

GSDC of Greater Shreveport---Date---Winners Dog

"This class was one of the best of the day. The standard states a German Shepherd dog should cover the most amount of ground with the least amount of effort. This dog typifies that request. His ease of movement was the deciding factor. He competed with other fine animals yet stood above the rest in gait, attitude, and resolve. He took a lickin' yet kept on tickin'! He's definitely all male with a fine future ahead of him. I would have taken this dog home."

-Paul Root

Memphis GSDC---March 29th, 1998---Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"A very handsome black and tan male with a really smooth and easy sidegait. He is very balanced front and rear, with a nice hard back and high wither. He is masculine, with a good male head, nice dark eye, full dentition. He extends well in forehand with good rear follow through. He carries a good topline on a loose leash. My type of dog. He was hard pressed by the Reserve dog, but won on his consistency in gaiting and effortless motion."

-Peggy Lee

GSDC of St. Louis---October 4th, 1998---Best of Breed

"A large stallion type male that covered ground with a lovely suspension, very smooth. He never missed a step. Good topline in motion, hard back, good male head Very masculine and handsome. Nice long stride. He has good temperament."

-Peggy Lee