Ch. Plainbrownwrapper of Jada-Edan

Ch. Plainbrownwrapper of Jada Edan

Breeder: Jane Cooper & Ann Schultz
Owner: Penny Kroh


Ch Hoheneichen's Magnum ROM

Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag ROM

Jeral's Eutin
Ch. Plainbrownwrapper of Jada Edan

Ch. Earth Wind & Fire of Edan ROM

Windwalker-Apfelsine's Patty ROM

  Jett Land's Flattery


GSDC of America---1995---Select #11

"This is a sable, well pigmented and she is pleasing to look at. She is one of the most consistent movers all day. She is not extreme in angulation but is balanced. She has a dense coat and good secondary sex characteristics, is well muscled and has withers that are higher than and sloping into a firm, strong back. Her shoulder blades are long and near equal in length to her upper arm. In motion she has a gait that is strong, correct and well balanced. At a full trot during the sidegait she always maintained a firm topline and smooth forward movement."

~ Carmen Battaglia