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German Shepherd Dog Club of America

National Specialty Show Results

1980 through 1999












1980 --- Judge   Kathleen Steen

1981 --- Judge    Ralph Roberts

1982 --- Judge    Ernest Loeb

1983 --- Judge    Helen Miller Fisher

1984 --- Judge    Francis Ford
1985 --- Judge   Connie Beckhardt

1986 --- Judge   David Rinke

1987 --- Judge    Ernest Loeb

1988 --- Judge    Ralph Roberts

1989 --- Judge     Betty Radzevich
1990 --- Judge   Edmund Barrit

1991 --- Judge   David Rinke

1992 --- Judge   Ralph Roberts

1993 --- Judge   Margaret Douglas

1994 --- Judge     Edmund Barrit
1995 --- Judge   Dr. Carmen Battaglia

1996 --- Judge     Ralph Roberts

1997 --- Judge     David Rinke

1998 --- Judge     Edmund Barrit

1999 --- Judge      Fred Migilori





National Specialty Show Results

Grand Victor: Ch. Aspen of Fran Jo

Grand Victrix: Ch. Lacy Britches of Billo

Winners Dog: Poque's Bredo of Rym Sas

Winners Bitch: Windigail's Cristalle

Best Puppy: Deannson's On Broadway

Best In Futurity: Ch. Merkel's Vendetta

Best OS Futurity: Destino's Serge

Best in Maturity: Ch. Sabra Dennis of Gan Edan

Best OS Maturity:  Leba's Crystal


I felt that the Specials class had much more quality than I had observed in a number of years. The quality in the bitches was really superb and a thrill to judge. The select rating in the bitches was a more difficult one to achieve that in dogs. Of the 78 present in the class, two were excused for temperament and only one other displayed questionable temperament. Two dogs had level bites, six had missing teeth. Now the real problem, 24 displayed unsoundness either coming or going or both. Breeders, we must do something about this when one-third of the class of Champions has this problem. Certain bloodlines dominated my select dogs: Zeus-Zeto brothers as sires, Hammer-Hawkeye, plus still coming through a great deal is the Waldesruh-Lance combo. Scorpio was well represented as the grandsire of many of these dogs."




Grand Victor: Ch. Aspen of Fran-Jo

#2: Ch. Pinebeach's Chase of Lorien

#3: Ch. Sabra Dennis of Gan Edan

#4: Ch. Lochwood's Sundance v. Stuttgart

#5: Karagin's Crusader

#6: Ch. Eva-Heim's Toledo

#7: Ch. Von Der Ley's Rhinestone Cowboy

#8: Ch. Wellspring's Howard Johnson

#9: Ch. Deklyn's Strike

#10: Ch. Die Herzogin's J.J.

#11: Ch. Falcon of Laurelville

#12: Ch. Jahn D's Excalibur




Grand Victrix: Ch. Lacey Britches of Billo

#2: Ch. Merkel's Vendetta

#3: Ch. Lina vom Cypress

#4: Ch. Anton's Jenne

#5: Ch. Tara's Meg of Shiloh Gardens

#6: Ch. Bel Vista's Hera of Sylmar

#7: Ch. Renaissance's Jamie

#8: Ch. Sunset's Gemma

#9: Ch. Bel-Vista's Tenille

#10: Ch. Harmony J's Drucilla

#11: Ch. Southlyn's Tangueray

#12: Ch. Windigail's Chistalle






National Specialty Show Results

Dogs: Ernest Loeb
Bitches: Connie Beckhardt
Intersex: Ralph Roberts

"This National is the third in which I have been honored to judge Specials. 1972 saw Ch Lakeside's Harrigan ROM and Ch Cathwar's Lisa von Rob, ROM, as Victor & Victrix; 1976 saw Ch Padechma's Peruasion and Ch Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill, winning the top spots. I have little doubt that the new Grand Victor and Victrix, will match their predecessors in making their place in Shepherd history. May I express my sincere appreciation to the many of you who selected me by ballot to judge the National Specialty. It would be my hope that I have repaid your confidence in my selection, with such knowledge and integrity as I possess. The battle-scarred one is grateful to you."

~ Ralph Roberts


Grand Victor: Ch. Sabra Dennis of Gan Edan

Grand Victrix: Ch. Anton's Jenne

Winners Dog: Von Freya's Shane

Winners Bitch: Langenau's Ida of Jahn-D

Best Puppy: Herzog vom Haus Link

Best In Futurity: Ch. Ginger Ale of Bob-Lyn

Best OS Futurity: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Monte Alban CDX

Best in Maturity: Ch. Merkel's Vendetta

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Patja's Racketeer v Ambers  


Grand Victor:  Ch. Sabra Dennis of Gan Edan

#2:  Ch. Prime Time of Billo

#3: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Don Quixote

#4: Von Freya's Shane

#5: Ch. Sequel's Lonnie v Glisando

#6: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Monte Alban CDX

#7: Ch. Patja's Racketeer v Ambers

#8: Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid

#9: Ch. Marshalland's Chapparal

#10: Ch. Pappillon of Fran-Jo

#11: Ch. Wellspring's Ironsides

#12: Char-John's Actor's Applause



Grand Victrix: Ch. Anton's Jenne

#2: Ch. Emerheim's Deri of Merivern

#3: Ch. Merkel's Vendetta

#4: Ch. Von Anderhaus' Nikki

#5: Langenau's Ida of John-D

#6: Ch. Covy's Mercedes of Tucker Hill

#7: Ch. Debonair's Prosperity

#8: Ch. Renaissance's Jamie

#9: Rosie vom Cypress




National Specialty Show Results

Bitches: Barbara Amidon

Grand Victor: Kismet's Impulse von Bismark

Grand Victrix: Ch. Merkel's Vendetta

Winners Dog: Schokrest Covy-Tucker Hill's J.R.

Winners Bitch: Asgard's Destiny

Best Puppy: Carmadon's Quincy

Best In Futurity: Bachchen's Jori

Best OS Futurity: Proven Hill's Sundance Kid

Best in Maturity: Ch. Jeanden's L'Erin of Langenau

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Jo-San's Kareem  






National Specialty Show Results

Dogs: Ralph Roberts
Bitches: Barbara Amidon
Intersex: Helen Miller Fisher

The entry as a whole was not up to the quality of prior years. The winners class had some very good quality in it, but the depth in the classes themselves was from good to fair. I miss the stallions of the breed of the past. Today, we have the size without having the masculinity. Generally, temperatments. Teeth and bites were good, as was general balance. Bone and substance were average, and feet were only adequate. Hindquarters get better through the years, except for croups, which vary all over the place. Shoulder angulation, particularly layback, does not improve with each passing year. Sidegait was quite good on the average, although we do not have enough animals carrying a good topline. Coming and going is still only fair to awful. The breed gets poorer in this respect as the year pass. Most exhibitors leave a show without ever having seen any of the entry from the front and rear. Most down-grade the importance of coming and going, and even those few who observe seem not to understand what to look for. I wonder what our reaction would be to identical unsoundness in sidegait? A bright spot is that type continues to be our strongest gain in the breed, as we get more animals who have a quality look about them.

~Ralph Roberts

In all my years of Nationals, I have never seen such outstanding bitch quality so deep. So many did not place who in other shows would be stars. Thank you members for your vote of confidence.

~Barbara Amidon

It was evident from the start of my judging that the quality of the class was very deep. It was one of the nicest Specials Classes I've seen at a National. Perhaps because of the economy, people entered one, instead of two or three, and only their best ones. It was my impression that the people who were there with their dogs were the "Hard Core Shepherdists." Whatever the reason, the quality was tremendous, and as I judged, I was thrilled and very proud of our great breed.

In choosing the Select animals, I had anticipated picking approximately 10% of the class. To me, the ones who attain Select are very special and closely represent the standard of our Breed. Since I had 94 entries with 8 dogs moved up to Specials from the classes, my Winners Dog and Bitch, my Veteran Dog and Bitch and 20 absent, I was left with a class of 86 to judge. If I had stuck to my original 10% Select, this would give me 4-5 dogs and 4-5 bitches. But, because the quality was so great, I chose closer to 20% with 9 dogs and 9 bitches.

I was really appalled at the condition of most of the mouths. Teeth needed cleaning and scaling in about 75% of the dogs, and about 90% needed their toe nails cut. Just because we have a natural breed doesn't mean that we have to neglect them. It's a terrible shame that we condition and work with our dogs, bathe and groom them, and then ignore the teeth and nails.

I had 12 dogs that were missing one or two first pre-molars. Three dogs were missing one or two molars. Feet could stand some improvement, but unless nails are cut, they'll never tighten up. For the most part, temperament was great. What bothered me most was that I felt there were a number of bitches that had been drugged. You can't accuse anyone, because you can't prove anything, but when you take a dog's head in your hands, and look into their eyes and see that frantic-wild-eyed look, feel the tone of the muscle, look at the color of their tongue and note their whole intense reactions it makes a person sick and angry. This is cruel and inhuman. And there is no reason for this. It certainly seemed more evident in the bitches than in the dogs. For the most part, the males had a calm quiet look and responded positively to my hands, with very few being suspect.

There is a definite improvement in soundness of gait, coming and going, at least in the dogs that were exhibited under me. There were still a few that were east and west and out at the elbows. There were a few over-angulated with weak ligamentation. Most of the dogs I excused were sound coming and going, but just didn't have the reach and extension I was looking for.

In judging dog shows, we who judge make statements with our actions. We try to show our audience by our methods, procedure and results, why we do what we do. If spectators and exhibitors can follow us in how we reach our decisions, whether they agree or not with the result, a great part of our obligation is fulfilled.

I hope, by my actions, that every dog was given a chance to be shown to its best advantage. I hope, by my actions, that in addition to sidegait, I was stressing soundness of coming and going and reach and extension. It is my opinion that you can obtain a more angulated rear in just one generation, but when the fronts are lost, they are sometimes never recaptured.

I felt my Select animals were superior in type and gait, excelling in soundness and front extension. In addition, let me add my Grand Victrix and Select 2 Bitches and Grand Victor and Select 2 dogs were examples of outstanding movement. These four animals, which I took around the ring in a separate group, were real "moving machines."

The show committee's hard work and hospitality was greatly appreciated. Thank you to all the handlers for their courtesy and good sportsmanship. This made the class a delight to judge. I'm also grateful to my hard working stewards for all their help. Now to my Best of Breed."

~ Helen Miller Fisher

Grand Victor: Ch. Sukee's Mannix

Grand Victrix: Ch. Von Ivo's Blithe Spirit

Winners Dog: Tee-Emm's Tax-A-Tion

Winners Bitch: Brasban's Promise of Langenau

Best Puppy: Scherzar's Dallas

Best In Futurity: Jogra's Shaika

Best OS Futurity: Bobara's Dragster of Gan Edan

Best in Maturity: Ch. Sequel's Senator v. Merivern

Best OS Maturity: Bachchen's Jori



Grand Victor: Ch. Sukee's Mannix

#2: Ch. Sequel's Senator of Merivern

#3: Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen ROM

#4: Ch. DeAnnson's On Broadway

#5: Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid

#6: Elkovar's Jolly Roger

#7: Ch. Kameraden's Crusader

#8: Ch. Jenhi Shepherd's Tomahawk

#9: Ch. Alpinebeach-Baobab's Clouseau



Grand Victrix: Ch. Von Ivo's Blithe Spirit

#2: Ch. Alator's Viva of Char-Meck

#3: Ch. Rivendell's Aplause Please

#4: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Showoff

#5: Ch. Kallander's Image

#6: Ch. Brazenhaus Tapestry

#7: Ch. Hy-Hope's Bernadette of Towaco

#8: Ch. Vanessa v. Sonnenbachtal

#9: Ch. Valmy's Uncola







National Specialty Show Results

"I had relatively few missing teeth, fortunately few temperament problems, middle pieces leave a lot to be desired, shoulders are becoming pushed too far forward, croups and tailsets also need improvement. Without a strong middle piece, a dog simply cannot properly propel in motion. Today this appears to be one of our biggest problems in the breed, plus shoulders, then head and ears, following with croups. Whatever happened to the long and beautifully flowing croup? We also are losing length of neck. There were several dogs that moved and looked good pulling on a tight lead; however, when asked to go on a loose lead they did not appear the same, otherwise they would have been nearer the front. I feel this is very important - that the dog's gait does not change whether pulling or loose, slow or fast - they should remain the same."

~ Judge Fran Ford
Futurity/Maturity &
Best of Winners

Grand Victor: Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen

Grand Victrix: Ch. Jeanden's L'Erin v. Langenau

Winners Dog: Lothario of Heinerburg

Winners Bitch: San-Jo's Amanda

Best Puppy: Checkmate's Way To Go

Best In Futurity:  Pineywood's Steppin' Out

Best OS Futurity: Staser's Dynasty v Stonekroft

Best in Maturity: Wes-Mar's Escapade

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Roje's Horseshoe of Kovaya



Grand Victor: Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen

#2: Ch. Sequel's Senator of Merivern

#3: Ch. Hoheneichen's Magnum

#4: Ch. Ossipee Ceasar v. Clover Acres

#5: Ch. Hi-Lo's Flanigan

#6: Ch. Lothario of Heinerburg

#7: Ch. Charisma Stonewall Jackson

#8: Ch. Hiddenacre's Field Marshall

#9: Ch. Alabama of Shiloh Gardens

#10: Ch. Woodacre's Dakota

#11: Ch. Rio Valle's Nestle Crunch CD

#12: Ch. DeAnnson's On Broadway

#13: Ch. Proven Hill's Up N' Adam


Grand Victrix: Ch. Jeanden's L'Erin v Langenau

#2: Ch. Alator's Viva of Char-Mack

#3: Ch. Wes-Mar's Escapade

#4: Ch. Jogar's Shaika

#5: Ch. Clayfield's Allways A Lady

#6: Ch. Zemma v. Cypress

#7: Ch. Tara's Fallon of Shiloh Gardens

#8: Ch. Arelee's Jama'A

#9: Ch. Mandana of Lordwood

#10: Ch. Campaigner's Gatewood Haganah

#11: Ch. Countee's Charisma v Krammhof

#12: Ch. Lynrik's Kristal




National Specialty Show Results

Grand Victor: Ch. Ossipee Ceasar v. Clover Acres

Grand Victrix: Ch. Lynrik's Kristal TC

Winners Dog: Pineywood's Steppin' Out

Winners Bitch: Dolmar's Elegance

Best Puppy: Dolmar's Elegance

Best In Futurity: Holmstead's Keepsake

Best OS Futurity: Langenau's Beau of Jeanden

Best in Maturity: Rigoletto v. Fuerstenberg

Best OS Maturity: Von Saar's Mannequin  


Grand Victor: Ch. Ossipee Ceasar v. Clover Acres

#2: Ch. Charisma's Stonewall Jackson

#3: Ch. Chieftain's Kharu

#4: Ch. Sequel's Senator v. Merivern

#5: Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

#6: Mario Lanza v. Fuerstenberg

#7: Ch. Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill

#8: Ch. Patja's Willie Stargell

#9: Ch. Hagar v. Sonnenbachtal

#10: Ch. Peddacres Regal Ruler

#11: Ch. Darby-Dan's Gator

#12: Ch. Hoheneichen's Magnum


Grand Victrix: Ch. Lynrik's Kristal TC

#2: Ch. Jogra's Shaika

#3: Rivaden's Verina Jae Merivern

#4: Ch. LaTraviata v. Fuerstenberg

#5: Ch. San-Jo's Amanda

#6: Ch. Clayfield's Allways A Lady

#7: Ch. Valmy's Perhaps Love

#8: Ch. Brasban's Promise v. Langenau

#9: Ch. Blasienberg's Popcorn

#10:  Pantera of Covy-Tucker Hill

#11: Ch. Bachchen's Jori

#12: Andiron Penny Stock

#13: Ch. Countee's Charisma v. Krammhof





National Specialty Show Results

Grand Victor: Ch. Sequel's Senator v. Merivern ROM

Grand Victrix: Ch. Dawnhill's Carli

Winners Dog: Laurgil's Ajax

Winners Bitch: Eva-Heim's My My

Best Puppy: Amber's Onyx of Tokaye

Best In Futurity: Ch. Dolmar's Elegance

Best OS Futurity: Baskerville's Mr. B

Best in Maturity: Ch. Stoney Ridge's Koni Felica

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Abraxas Quasar of Langenau  





1987 GSDC of America

National Specialty Show Results


Sam Lawrence -For Futurity and Maturity Dogs
Dr Carmen Battaglia
- for Futurity and Maturity Bitches
Dr Carmen Battaglia
- Dogs
Sam Lawrence
- Bitches

Ernest Loeb - Intersex


"In 1936, thirteen years after having started in the breed in Germany, I attended my first American National Specialty. I decided then, after handling the Best of Breed winner and having my imports go Winners Dog, Winners Bitch and Best of Breed, that I liked Nationals. Since then, I have had the good fortune to handle, own, or import many more Grand Victors and Grand Victrixes, and to judge at the National numerous times. I am grateful to the Parent Club members for again allowing me to be part of this great event.

Before commenting on the Select animals, I would like to comment on the overall quality that I observed. The overall quality of animals has improved somewhat through the years, yet the top animals of years past were every bit as good as today's stars. One fault that was particularly common in this year's competittion was short croups which hinder follow through behind. Perhaps a reason for this is that for some time now, at many of our Specialties, our dogs are being judged while pulling on a tight lead at unnaturally high speeds. Under such conditions, lack of follow through is easily hidden. I was particularly pleased with the overall quality of my Select bitches. There were many outstanding bitches, any number of which I would consider having Grand Victrix quality.

The males were another story. While there were many quality animals, there was no single dog that had outstanding sidegait combined with balance of proportion and bone, stallion type, soundness coming and going, and good feet and pasterns. In 1966, for example, I was fortunate to have a standout and easy winner in a young Yoncalla's Mike. In contrast to that year, this year my assignment in males was much more difficult."

~ Intersex Judge Ernest Loeb

Overall, the quality and depth of the males in each class was unusually good. Other than a few too many with a missing premolar, particularly in the American Bred Class, most had good type and secondary sex characteristics.

In writiing these critiques, I have noticed that most of my comments were positive and that all of the winners and most of the other dogs that placed had high foot timing ratings. In retrospect I think it is fair to expect at the National the better dogs who would have many good qualities, with depth in most classes. For a judge to find good ones and not report them to have major faults should not be surprising.

In other words, it gets down to finding the four best ones in a class of good quality and depth. Finally, an explanation of the term Foot timing. Foot timing is balance in motion. It is a measure of efficiency. Working and Herding Dogs should have good foot timing so they can work long hours without wasting energy and becoming easily tired. Good structure is obviously the key to efficient movement and good working and herding ability. Dogs that are good sidegaiters should have feet that travel close to the ground with strong firm toplines. They should have an elastic, smooth, rhythmic, powerful, and coordinated gait in motion. Good sidegaiters that are not clean coming and going are given low foot timing ratings because they waste energy. These dogs may elbow out, travel wide, cross over, crab, etc. while in motion. Sidegaiters that crab, elbow out, cross over, etc. use far more energy than another who can produce the same sidegait without the wasted motion. For a complete understanding of foot timing, see my article entitled "Foot Timing" by Dr. Battaglia, AKC Gazette, Sept. 1984, pg. 72-77."

~ Dog Judge Dr Carmen Battaglia

OBSERVATIONS: All bites were excellent. Only one missing tooth. Unfortunately, due to temperament problems, I have to excuse eight bitches. However, the temperament amongst the remaining bitches was outstanding. The biggest problem I encountered throughout all the classes was coming and, particularly, going. Many outstanding side moving bitches could receive no further consideration after my coming and going examination."

~ Bitch Judge Sam Lawrence


Grand Victor: Ch. Rio Valle's Nestle Crunch CD

Grand Victrix: Ch. Howard's Magic Moment

Winners Dog: Houston of Wildwood

Winners Bitch: Sharlen's Sparkle Plenty

Best Puppy: Scherzar's Pistachio

Best in Futurity: Houston of Wildwood

Best OS Futurity: Huggins of Lebensraum

Best in Maturity: Ch. Howard's Magic Moment

Best OS Maturity: Bachchen's Spendabuck




Grand Victor: Ch. Rio Valles Nestle Crunch CD

#2: Ch. Brentaryl's Gunner

#3: Ch. Langenau's Beau of Jeanden

#4: Ch. Rivendell's Dark Illusion

#5: Ch. Barren's Katch A Rising Star

#6: Ch. Laurgil's Ajax

#7: Ch. Scherzar's Logan

#8: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Romantico

#9: Ch. Galewynd's Georgio Armani

#10: Ch. Suboja's Dominator

#11: Ch. Shirewood's Kaiser

Grand Victrix: Ch. Howard's Magic Moment

#2: Ch. Clayfield's London

#3: Ch. Hiddenacre's Kologne Von Saar

#4: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Little Deer

#5: Ch. Staser's Flicka v. Brentaryl

#6: Ch. Sharlen's Sparkle Plenty

#7: Ch. Woodacre's Honeysuckle Rose

#8: Ch. Yarmork's Macy DuChien

#9: Ch. Echowood's Togerna

#10: Ch. Kolbrook's Allez France

#11: Ch. Bethesda's Tirah of Si-Don

#12: Ch. Bachen's Scarlet O'Hara

#13: Ch. Destino's Coffee County

#14: Ch. Hiddenacre's Liberty Belle


"The show itself was staged beautifully, and quite a sight with the large arena and the floor covered with green sod. It was too bad that the workers had to begin removing the sod before I began descrbing the Select animals on the video tape. The noise and commotion caused by the sod removal made it difficult to concentrate on the critiques.

Not having attended a National for three years has given me a different outlook on many of the happenings here in the United States. Additionally, in the last several years, I have witnessed only a handful of shows other than those at which I was judging. The animals I judged at this National, with rare exception, were new to me. The greatest detriment to the breed is a severe shortage of honest, unbiased, knowledgeable teachers. Sidegait seems to be everything. If that is all we are breeding for, we may as well hold our show without judges - all we would need is an applause meter.

I am one of a few, perhaps the only one here in the United States, who handled dogs under the founder of our breed, Captain von Stephanitz. I also listened to several of his speeches. When I look back to that era, and compare the caliber of judges with our current judges, I can tell you with all sincerity. "We need good teachers." Another sad note, as I walked around at this National, I noticed fewer familiar faces, but such is life.

I take judging very seriously - it is a task of responsibility. The future of our breed has always been influenced by the results of our Nationals. There are tradeoffs we must make between sidegait and the other features of our breed such as sex characteristics, soundness in motion, balance, head, feet, bone and so forth.

There is, however, one breed characteristic for which there should be no substitute: temperament. I tried my best to check temperament using the method I have always used. I asked that the animals be brought to the center of the ring on a long loose lead, and then I observe their behavior when I approach them. Upon refelection, I am no longer satisfied with this test. Yes, some dogs gave me that worried look, which was enough for me not to consider them for a high award, Yet, there were some animals that were so intrigued looking for their friend or owner outside the ring, that they did not even notice me standing right in front of them.

In closing, I wish to thank all those who voted for me, the exhibitors who place their trust in me, and the handlers. Thank you again to Mr and Mrs Steen who tried in every way to make my trip to Los Angeles a most pleasurable one. I also wish to give a big thank you to my stewards. Finally, thank you to the officers, Board members, and other members of the Parent and Assisting Club who were instrumental in staging this big event."

~ Ernest Loeb




National Specialty Show Results


Ralph Roberts - Intersex
George Collins - all dogs
Barbara Amidon - all bitches



Grand Victor: Ch. Piper Hills Polo

Grand Victrix: Ch. Sea-Lair's Ciera

Winners Dog: Proven Hill's Banker of Altana

Winners Bitch: Lady Gabriela of Al-Clemya

Best Puppy: Totana's C'est Moi of Piper Hill

Best In Futurity: Maverick of Bob-Lyn

Best OS Futurity: Honda vom Cypress

Best in Maturity: Ch. Houston of Wildwood

Best OS Maturity: Eko-Lan's Theda  


Grand Victor: Ch. Piper Hill's Polo

#2: Ch. Brentaryl's Gunner

#3: Ch. Laurgil's Artus

#4: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Romantico

#5: Ch. Breauhausen's Spectrum

#6: Ch. Ardic's Drachenfels

#7: Proven Hill's Banker of Altana

#8: Ch. Woodside's Nestle's Quik v. Merwestyn

#9: Ch. Waltraut's That's Black Jack

#10: Ch. Cedar Creek's Erin of Lee-Ray

#11: Ch. Rigoletto von Fuerstenberg


Grand Victrix: Ch. Sea-Lair's Ciera

#2: Ch. Altana's Kricket

#3: Ch. Ledgewood's Born Free

#4: Ch. Amber's Onyx of Tokaya

#5: Woodland's Miss Ellie of Robar

#6: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Jordache

#7: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Verena June

#8: Ch. Jogra's Shaika CD

#9: Ch. Dolmar's Elegance

#10: Ch. Wellspring's Mayflower

#11: Ch. Stonekroft's Angie v. Scher-Lo

#12: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Mayapan

#13: Ch. Amber's First Class





National Specialty Show Results


Dan Dwier - Futurity and Maturity Dogs
Margaret 'Peggy' Douglas - Futurity and Maturity Bitches

Margaret 'Peggy' Douglas - Dogs
Dan Dwier - Bitches
Betty Radzevich
- Intersex

"What a thrill it was to judge the beautiful dogs at this National. The quality was deep ---from the 6-9 Puppy class to the Open class. The quality of the dogs has improved since I judged dogs at the National in Phoenix in 1984. I found very few mouth problems and backs, overall, are getting stronger. I had two dogs on the sharp side, a few others were apprehensive---on the whole, temperaments seem to be improving. I was a little disturbed with some of the high hackney action in front, I think this is something we all need to be aware of as it is not the correct German Shepherd Dog movement. Some dogs were very sloppy going away. On the whole, the animals were great."

~ Dog Judge Margaret "Peggy" Douglas


"The 1989 National Specialty Show was held in a huge ring, on beautifully well laid sod, that gave the dogs excellent footing. The dogs, for the most part, were presented in excellent condition and handled to perfection. I was truly amazed at the beautiful quality of the dogs as well as good temperament. Most had good mouths, with few missing teeth.

The lighting in the ring could have been better and presented a slight problem but, in time, you adjust your eyes and try to fade out all the colors of the background and find a spot where the dogs look the best to you. It is not an easy task to sort through the dogs and place them in exact order. It's much easier to stand outside the ring and look only at the dogs when you want, and talk to your friends, and then occasionally look back and make decisions on the dogs in the ring.

The depth of quality was indeed pleasing and made the hard work pleasureable. After establishing a procedure, I tried to use the same for all dogs and treat all alike and fairly. I checked temperament several different times, as well as coming and going.

The movement of the dogs was excellent and we have improved on coming and going. There were several dogs with excellent sidegait, but who were so bad coming and going, I did not feel justified in putting them Select. We had such good quality to work with I chose to take the best overall dog."

~ Breed Judge Betty Radzevich


Grand Victor:  Ch. Bethseda's Tacoma of Si-Don CD

Grand Victrix: Ch. Altana's Kricket

Winners Dog:  Eva-Heim's Seville of Rikor

Winners Bitch: Mirheim's Marenka

Best Puppy: Campaigner's Gatewood's Uzi

Best In Futurity: Hoheneichen's Flag

Best OS Futurity: Brauhausen's Danielle

Best in Maturity:  Ch. Amber's Replica v. Tokaye

Best OS Maturity: Eva-Heim's Seville of Rikor


Grand Victor: Ch. Bethseda's Tacoma of Si-Don

#2: Ch. Houston of Wildwood

#3: Ch. Proven Hill's Banker of Altana

#4: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Romantico

#5: Ch. Langenau's Beau of Jeanden

#6: Ch. Maverick of Bob-Lyn

#7: Ch. Eva-Heim's Seville

#8: Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival

#9: Ch. Cinnabar's Edward Teach

#10: Ch. San-Jo's Eastern Express

#11: Ch. Ardric's Valentino

#12: Ch. Ardric's Drachenfels

#13: Cedar Creek's Erin of Leray

#14: Ch. Nike-Clayfield Andretti

Grand Victrix: Ch. Altana's Kricket

#2: Ch. Amber's Replica v. Tokaya

#3: Ch. Altana's Mystique

#4: Ch. Ardric's QT of Dia Hill

#5: Ch. Eko-Lan's Theda

#6: Ch. Breauhausen's Keri

#7: Ch. Honda v. Cypress

#8: Lady Gabriella of Al-Clemya

#9: Mirheim's Marenka

#10: Ch. Schwarz Der Wald's Ltd. Edition

#11: Ch. Countee's Estacy of Windwalker

#12: Kovaya's Liberty v. Heinerburg

#13: Ch. Ledgewood's Born Free

#14: Ch. Amber's Onyx v. Tokeya




National Specialty Show Results


Helen Gleason - Futurity and Maturity Dogs
Francis Ford Sr - Futurity and Maturity Bitches

Francis Ford Sr - Dogs
Helen Gleason -Bitches
Ed Barritt
- Intersex

"The 1990 National held in Anaheim, California, had an excellent, large oval ring. I was able to have highway road cones placed at the turns, which made it difficult for the handlers to cut each other off and, in turn, keep the laps relatively consistent. Each dog/bitch had a minimum of four laps (including the individual) prior to being selected for further consideration. I suppose you could say that my intenetion was to choose good, overall, sound animals of relatively adequate type that had some semblance of coordinated side motion. This I did!"

~ Ed Barritt

"I enjoyed doing the National; the facilities were great. I would like to thank my excellent stewards and the to the Host Club who made our stay so hospitable. I only had a couple of dogs with poor temperament and a couple with missing teeth. However, I fell there should be some concern of the breeders, mainly due to the dogs that I penalized for dragging or scuffing the tops of their rear toes while in motion. This could become a very serious factor other than that I was very pleased with the quality I had to judge. Thanks again for have me."

~ Francis Ford Sr.

"The overall quality in bitches was superb. Depth of quality in the classes was the best I've seen in years and I honestly believe half of these gals will finish. Thanks for brining me your best with sound minds and correct movement in such excellent condition. I had very few faulty temperaments, only five missing teeth, and two faulty tails."

~Helen Gleason

Grand Victor: Ch. Proven Hill's Banker of Altana

Grand Victrix: Ch. Amber's Rosie of Bracewood

Winners Dog:  Pinebeach's Stars N' Stripes 

Winners Bitch: Ken-Delaine's Prima v. Omni

Best Puppy: Todorhaus Savannah

Best In Futurity: Valmy's Hold On To The Night

Best OS Futurity: Marlin's Feliz Navidad

Best in Maturity: Ch. Ardic's Quite Nice of D Hill

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag


Grand Victor: Ch. Proven Hill's Banker of Altana

#2: Ch. Houston of Wildwood

#3: Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival

#4: Ch. Cinnabar's Edward Teach

#5: Ch. Eva-Heim's Seville of Rikor

#6: Ch. Ardric's Drachenfels

#7: Ch. Campaigner's Gatewood Uzi

#8: Ch. Woodside's Nestle Quick v. Merwestyn

#9: Ch. Kansten's Fisher of Asgard

#10: Ch. Dingo v. Haus Wurdemann

#11: Ch. Laugil's Artus

#12: Ch. Nike-Clayfield's Andretti

#13: Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag

Grand Victrix: Ch. Amber's Rosie of Bracewood

#2: Ch. Altana's Mystique

#3: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Avia

#4: Ken-Delaine's Prima v. Omni

#5: Ch. Breauhausen's Danielle

#6: Ch. Amber's Replica v. Tokaya

#7: Ch. Madeb's Honeysuckle Rose

#8: Ch. Mirheim's Mystique

#9: Ch. Brentaryl's Unforgettable Fire

#10: Ch. Lady Gabrielle of Al-Clemya

#11: Ch. Ardric's Quite Nice of D-Hill

#12: Silstra's Charlie Babbitt

#13: Remac's Romancing the Stone




National Specialty Show Results


Helen Miller Fisher - Futurity Bitches and Maturity Dogs
Fred Schmidtke - Futurity Dogs and Maturity Bitches

Fred Schmidtke - Dogs
Helen Miller Fisher -Bitches
Dave Rinke - Intersex


"Judging of these gorgeous bitches was an extreme pleasure. They just kept getting better and better. In most classes, the difference between first and fourth placings was very small, and between first and second place was very minute. You really had to get down to the "nitty gritty" and start differentiating between feet, condition of coat, and minor things, etc., in order to place them properly."

~ Helen Miller Fisher


Grand Victor: Ch. Woodside's Nestle's Quick v. Merwestyn

Grand Victrix: Ch. Brentaryl's West Side Story

Winners Dog:  Scherzar's Jordan

Winners Bitch:  Berjan's Joelle of Kaleef

Best Puppy: Skyline's Honduras

Best In Futurity: Omega's Chief Cochise

Best OS Futurity: Jayria's Ebony v Cypress

Best in Maturity: Valmy's Hold On To The Night

Best OS Maturity: Jo-San's Enterprise



Grand Victor: Ch. Woodside's Nestle Quick v. Mervestyn

#2: Ch. Woodhaven's In Search Of

#3: Ch. Omega's Cheif Cochise

#4: Ch. Schneiderhof's Urban Cowboy

#5: Ch. Survival D'Artaganan Stormfield

#6: Ch. Steigerhaus Bo Jackson

#7: Ch. Houston of Wildwood

#8: Ch. Survival's Eclispe

#9: Ch. San-Jo's Eastern Express

#10: Ch. Campaigner's Gatewood Uzi

#11: Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival

#12: Ch. Jo-Bar's Othello v. Cypress

#13: Scherzar's Jordan

Grand Victrix: Ch. Brentaryl's West Side Story

#2: Ch. Wettemberg's Zoee

#3: Ch. Valmy's Hold On To The Night

#4: Ch. Nike-Clayfield Lady Love

#5: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Avia

#6: Ch. Madeb's Honeysuckle Rose

#7: Ch. Ardric's Quite Nice of D'Hil

#8: Ch. Trafalgar's Heat of the Night

#9: Ch. Masstana's Vivacious of Farmil

#10: Ch. Countee's Flo-Jo of Windwalker

#11: Ch. Silstra's Charlie Babbitt

#12: Ch. Brentaryl's Trail of Tears

#13: Ch. Palamor's Sara Lee

#14: Ch. Stonekroft's Dele v. Legendaire





National Specialty Show Results


Richard Whalen - Futurity bitches and Maturity Bitches
Marion Lawerence - Futurity Dogs and Maturity Dogs

Richard Whalen - Dogs
Marion Lawerence -Bitches
Ralph Roberts - Intersex


Type: Our German Shepherd Dogs are beautiful. They look like a German Shepherd. Type: Structure; Type; proportions; Type; sex characteristics; Type; pigment. Movement: Many dogs exhibited smooth effortless gait on a loose lead. Front reach is improving but we are beginning to get some dogs that lift too much. Heads are improving. Although feet generally are not great, I note that several class winners had very compact tight feet. Ear sets are generally quite good, even when the ears are ‘friendly.’ Eye color was generally dark. I saw very few distracting ‘search-light’ eyes. Mouths were very good. I saw two level bites and two dogs with missing premolars.


Temperament problems of shyness continue. Many fine dogs failed to place because they showed lack of confidence or were unable to pass the loose lead temperament test, make eye contact with confidence and without fear. Calm aloofness is acceptable, but our dogs should never exhibit fear. It is becoming the exception to find a dog that confidently looks you in the eye. Handlers and their exhibitors are getting better at hiding the problem, making it more difficult for judges to discern the true nature of the dog’s character. We must find a way to insure that at least the ribbon winners at our National Specialty are sound in regard to shyness. General problems applicable to all classes I judged included: shyness, short croups, steep croups, floppy ears, sickle hock, excessively long tails. Ear motion while the dog is moving is becoming more frequent. Also called ‘friendly ears’ because they wave at you while the dog is moving. I did not consciously consider friendly ears in my placings, although I note this characteristic in the following critiques. Problems applicable to dogs were: lack of substance and masculinity. Many head are too long and lack depth and breadth. Problems applicable to bitches were: excessive size.”

~ Richard Whalen


Regardless of the many complaints concerning temperament, at this National temperaments have improved. This is not to imply that all of the entries were sound. Rather, that the great majority was sound, and the realy shy ones were few. German Shepherd Dog "type" is holding well, but sex characteristics have suffered. Masculinity leaves much to be desired, and the number of "stallions" are few. Even the bitches are losing some of their femininity.

Bites and teeth are much better than they have been in the past. We are making only small progress in shoulder angulation, and the entry had an abundance of short upper arms and insufficient layback. Rear angulation stays about the same, with generally good sweep of stifle, but with a share of faulty croups.

Surprisingly, backs were not as firm, generally, as I have seen in the past. It is truly difficult to find outstanding backs and embarrassing to have to settle for less in some of the placements.

We are doing a fine job in producing bone, depth of body and substance. The spindly dogs are just about a thing of the past at the National. Coats have improved. Pigment seems to be losing out, with lots of white showing---some of it on very dark animals.

We still produce a good number of sidegaiting dogs. Some move correctly, while many still cannot carry a good topline. Not so surprisingly, coming and going is not getting any better. The majority of the entry was poor, or barely acceptable.

Obviously, we have many in the breed who either do not consider faulty front or rear action to be important or, are not yet willing to make a sufficient sacrifice to eliminate the problem. At issue is the all-around physical soundness of the breed. We must pause in our eagerness to produce sidegait at the expense of producing all-around sound animals."

Judge Ralph Roberts


Grand Victor: Ch. Campaigner's Gatewood Uzi

Grand Victrix: Ch. TR's Guinevere v. Kenlyn

Winners Dog:  Jimeni's Larado of Rejoy

Winners Bitch: Ch. TR's Guinevere v. Kenlyn

Best Puppy:  Tournaline Kena Ken-Delaine

Best In Futurity: Ch. TR's Guinevere v. Kenlyn

Best OS Futurity: Totana's Bronze of Piper Hill

Best in Maturity: Ch. Utopia's DeBut from Mariner's

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Scherzar's Jordan


Grand Victor: Ch. Campaigner's Gatewood Uzi

#2: Ch. Saterhaus McKinley CD

#3: Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival

#4: Ch. Woodhaven's In Search Of

#5: Ch. Steigerhaus Bo Jackson

#6: Ch. Surigo's Reaction v. Nightwind

#7: Ch. Scharo's Spellbinder

#8: Ch. Ardric's Stromberg



Grand Victrix: Ch. TR's Guinevere v Kenlyn

#2: Ch. Altana's Mystique

#3: Ch. Stonehaven's Mandolin Wind

#4: Concho Angelina

#5: Ch. Silstra's Charlie Babbitt

#6: Utopia's Debut from Mariners

#7: Ch. Kaimacha Jamaica v. McCoy CD

#8: Ch. Signal of Nordlicht






National Specialty Show Results


- Futurity bitches and Maturity Bitches
Barbara Amidon - Futurity Dogs and Maturity Dogs

- Dogs
Barbara Amidon - Bitches
Margaret (Peggy) Douglas - Intersex

"I believe the majority of our dogs are improving. My job was made easier because there were so many quality animals out there. Temperaments were good, toplines and foreassemblies are improving. There are still a lot of dead tails, these need to be penalized. My emphasis was on soundness in both temperament and structure. At a show of this caliber, there was no way I was going to put up obvious unsoundness. Unfortunately, some did not see it that way. I certainly could have pointed it out, but did not feel I could embarrass the handler and owners that way. If they do not know their problems, it is time to go back to the drawing board. I judged the dogs the way I saw them on that day. I believe I gave one and all a good look. In my opinion, any one of the Selects could be the top winner on any given day."

~ Margaret (Peggy) Douglas


"The 1993 National in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 4, 5 and 6 was held in a huge arena, with most of the main floor covered with sod. Lighting could have been slightly better, however, the footing was good and the weather was excellent for the dogs. It was in the 50s at night and 70-80s in the day time. The headquarters hotel had excellent room facilities; however, all activities were held away from the hotel and it necessitated having a car for transportation and convenience. There has been an improvement in dogs---darker eyes, better overall classes, cleaner going away. We need better croups and tails."

~ Betty Radzevich


Grand Victor: Ch. Bethesda's Earth of Jada-Edan

Grand Victrix: Ch. Hoheneichen's-Avalon Chinadoll

Winners Dog:  Ch. Bethesda's Earth of Jada-Edan

Winners Bitch: Valmy's Show Me The Way

Best Puppy: Sirius Park's Monogram

Best In Futurity: Ch. Timberlane's Jakata

Best OS Futurity: Jerr's French Pastry

Best in Maturity: Ch. Jo-Win's Inca

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge



Grand Victor: Ch. Bethesda's Earth of Jada-Edan

#2: Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival

#3: Ch. Timberlane's Jakata

#4: Ch. Landaleigh's High Tech

#5: Ch. Totana's Bronce of Piper Hill

#6: Ch. Kinni-V Oz v Kubistraum

#7: Ch. Scharo's Spellbinder

#8: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Check Marc



Grand Victrix: Ch. Hoheneichen's-Avalon Chinadoll

#2: Ch. Kashay v. Cypress

#3: Ch. Sheerdeen's Martna

#4: Ch. Jo-Win's Inca

#5: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Rivadel Eva

#6: Vi-Ral's Sunrise v. Sher-Lo

#7: Ch. Tournaline Kena Ken-Delaine






National Specialty Show Results


Fred Lanting - Futurity bitches and Maturity Bitches
- Futurity Dogs and Maturity Dogs

Fred Lanting - Dogs
Helen Gleason -Bitches
Ed Barritt - Intersex

"The bitches I judged were rather disappointing, with only 3 "keepers," despite the fact that they all won their regional Futurity or Maturity classes. Tells you something about either how knowledgeable the judges are (the GSDCA Board has a terrible track record in picking judges) or how few decent dogs are brought to those shows."

~ Futurity/Maturity Judge: Fred Lanting

"General observations: In dogs, mouths have much improved over just a few years aog, but we have a long way to go in strengthening pasterns and hock ligaments. Judging from the number of poor temperaments, I'd guess that many who entered dogs cannot read, or have not read my articles that have been published over the past quarter-century and more. Those who will not read are not better off than those who cannot read, and their placings proved that. Now and always in the GSD, character is number one; all else combined is number two. Color and pigment were generally good; most elbows were tight, but our dogs are lacking in overall dryness and hardness, for the most part. Some disconcertingly weak ears, but nowhere near as many as in the bitch classes; this alarming trend must be stopped! It's getting to look like an epidemic.

Some definitions when reading my critiques: "straight in front" means as seen from the front, and is a good thing; "stretched" (good or neutral) means notoiceably longer than tall, not cobby, but not long as a result of straight shoulder and steep croup; "extreme" is not good, it's undesirable when referring to rear (stifle area) angulation. V = excellent; SG = very good; G = good. In puppies: vp (very promising), p (promising), and np (less or not promising) are used, realizing that puppies change some as they grow."

~ Dog Judge Fred Lanting

"Overview: There was an entry of 266 bitches with superb quality throughout all of the classes.

Less than 5% had faulty temperaments and only three bitches had missing premolars. There is definite improvements in eye color and pigmentation. Many finishable bitches did not place in the classes as the depth of quality was so great."

~ Bitch Judge Helen Gleason



Grand Victor: Ch. Campaigner's Gatewood Uzi

Grand Victrix:  Ch. Leiter's Cross My Heart

Winners Dog:  Kismet's Heart Throb

Winners Bitch: Katelyn-Farmil's Remembrance

Best Puppy: Bodan's Pizzaz of Ramhaus

Best In Futurity: Werttemberg's Boku

Best OS Futurity: Stoneway's Uecker

Best in Maturity: Ch. Jerr's French Pastry

Best OS Maturity:  Ch. Timberlane's Jakata



Grand Victor: Ch. Campainger's Gatewood Uzi

#2: Ch. Jimeni's Laredo of Rejoy

#3: Ch. Inflight's Spencer v. Sandyhill

#4: Ch. Balsam's Biscayne v. Wellspring

#5: Ch. Kinni-V Oz v. Kubistraum

#6: Ch. Peddacre's Crackerjack

#7: Ch. Totana's Bronce of Piperhill

#8: Ch. Timberland's Jakata

#9: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Check Marc

#10: Ch. Eko-Lan's Nemesis

#11: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge

#12: Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb





Grand Victrix: Ch. Leiter's Cross My Heart

#2: Ch. Jerr's French Pastry

#3: Ch. Jo-San's Ebony Gold

#4: Ch. Kashay v. Cypress

#5: Ch. Kolbrook's Val D'Isere

#6: Ch. Su-Ro's Ms. Tess True Heart

#7: Ch. Jo-Win's Inca

#8: Katelyn-Farmil's Remembrance

#9: Ch. Olympus Simply Irresistible Amber

#10: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Clarice

#11: Ch. Trafalgar's Heat of the Night

#12: Ch. Sheerdeen's Martina

#13: Ch. Bertalan's Miss Sassafras

#14: Ch. Valmy's Show Me The Way







National Specialty Show Results


Futurity/Maturity Bitches: Mr. Fredrick D. Migliore
Futurity/Maturity Dogs: Mr. Daniel L. Smith
Best & Opposite in Futurity/Maturity: Mr. Fredrick D. Migliore

Intersex: Dr. Carmen Battaglia
Dogs: Mr. Fredrick D. Migliore
Bitches: Mr. Daniel L. Smith

"On the plane, I thought about where our breed was going. Overall, I'm very pleased with our dogs today. All you have to do to appreciate our dogs of today is pick up a Review from the 50s and look at the style of those dogs.

I do feel, though that we have some problems to correct. In the last 10 years we have put so much importance on front reach and side gait that we have sacrificed physical and mental soundness, along with secondary sex characteristics, and so in the dog classes the best sidegait did not always win."

~ Mr. Fredrick D. Migilore

" The breeders are to be congratualted, the quality of bitches continues to excell. Unfortuanately, we still have too many entries with looks and actions of unsreness which could be from lack of socialization, their breeding or both. Two classes had nearly 40% of the entry faulted for lack of correct character. This is tragic because several had excellent conformation but could not be considered because of this very preventable problem"

~ Mr. Daniel L. Smith

"Most of the bitches were properly coupled and proportioned. I thought that as a croup the males were at least as good as the bitches, perhaps better. Only two dogs were found to have incorrect bites or missing teeth. None had severe overbites or misaligned teeth. Though out the judging I kept sorting the groups for those with good German Shepherd character, good reach and strong drive from the rear, strong topline, with balance and feet that traveled close to the ground. In the end, those that were awarded Select met that criteria."

~ Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia


Grand Victor: Ch. Inflight's Spencer v Sandyhill

Grand Victrix: Ch. Jerr's French Pastry

Winners Dog:  WeLove DuChien's R-Man

Winners Bitch: Helmic Delaine T

Best Puppy: Ruperon's Hobo Hero

Best In Futurity: Ch. Winsome's Mariah Bear v Cypress

Best OS Futurity: WeLove DuChien's R-Man

Best in Maturity: Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb

Best OS Maturity: Werttemberg's Boku  


Grand Victor: Ch. Inflight's Spencer v Sandyhill

#2:Ch. Kismit's Heart Throb

#3 Ch. Skyline's Honduras

#4 Ch. Campaingner's-Gatewood Uzi

#5 Ch. Topflight's Laredo v Freeling

#6 Ch. Winning Way's Chimo

#7 Ch. Scharo's Spellbinder

#8 Ch. Omega's American Express

#9 Ch. Bar-N's Magnum v Destino

#10 Ch. Welove DuChien's R-Man


Grand Victrix: Ch. Jerr's French Pastry

#2: Ch. Winsome's Mariah Bear v Cypress

#3: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Dominique

#4: Ch. Skylark's Lady Jane

#5: Werttemberg's Boku

#6: Helmic Delaine T

#7: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Carousel

#8: Ch. Hei-Kob Jorgseni's Freedom

#9: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Clarice

#10: Ch. Final Fantasy of Nordlict

#11: Ch. Plainbrownwrapper v Jada-Edan








National Specialty Show Results

Grand Victor: Ch. Mar Haven's Color Guard

Grand Victrix: Ch. Kate vom Cypress

Winners Dog: Kridler's Quno v. Rowley

Winners Bitch: Dynamic's B-Nadiana

Best Puppy: Castlehill's Cuz I Want To

Best In Futurity:  Aramist's Ivana of Kolbrook

Best OS Futurity: Hickoryhill's Bull Durham

Best in Maturity: Ch. Yarmork's Elvis

Best OS Maturity:  Woodhaven's Midnight Reflection


Grand Victor: Ch. Mar Haven's Color Guard

#2: Ch. Schokrest's Denver

#3: Ch. Caraland's Unlimited

#4: Ch. Kenlyn's Illuminator v. Fran-Jo

#5: Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb

#6: Ch. Windwalker's Leroy Brown

#7: Ch. Landaleigh's Quedo Vuelo

#8: Kridler's Quino v. Rowley

#9: Ch. Yarmork's Elvis

#10: Ch. Asgard's Big Deal of Encore

#11: Ch. Robar's Kalvin Koolidge

#12: Ch. Ponca Hill's Jessie II


Grand Victrix: Ch. Kate vom Cypress

#2: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Clarice

#3: Ch. De Ray's Sunshine v. Landmark

#4: Ch. Breauhausen's Pretty Woman

#5: Dynamic's B-Nadiana

#6: Ch. Kridler's Que Sera Sera

#7: Ch. Werttemberg's Boku

#8: Ch. Jagan's Belle Starr

#9: Ch. Yarmork's Flare of Chris-Mar

#10  Ch. Skyline's Hidden Treasure

#11: Ch. Hi-Cliff's High Hopes

#12: Ch. Walker's Quatro Intwidemelah

#13: Ch. Long's Peak Zima

#14: Amber's Surprize of Olympus






National Specialty Show Results


Dogs: Kathleen Steen
Bitches: Helen Franklin
Intersex: Ralph Roberts

"As an overview of the entry, I must tell you that the depth of quality was superb in males. I noticed at last year's National that quality in males was up. My Winners class was wonderful and exciting to see. In general my Winners looked like males, moved freely and with ease at a herding dog's gait, had good heads, bone and feet. In classes the size that I judged, I could not bring myself to sacrifice the things that we need in this breed for just side gait. I wanted everything! Shouldn't we all? On the downside, there were too many male dogs with poor temperament__I excused three and disqualified on. There were others that I did not place because they did not exhibit the type of temperament that our Standard calls for. In addition, we also seem to be breeding far too many slab-sided males, male with poor feet and bone, and dogs with snipey muzzles.

~ Kathleen Steen

"Overall temperament has improved in our breed but, unfortunately, I did have to excuse several dogs. When considering the number of dogs exhibited, those excused were but a small percentage. I felt the quality of many bitches was outstanding, and once again superior to the males. In many classes, placings far beyond fourth had top finishable animals. I'm also pleased to report that hocks have tightened up and coming and going has vastly improved over the past few years. When my Winners Class came into the ring, I applauded. I applauded you, the breeders and owners of these magnificent dogs. You have much to be proud of."

~ Helen Franklin



Grand Victor:  Ch. Stoneway's Uecker

Grand Victrix: Ch. Inflight's Heaven Only Knows

Winners Dog: Schokrest Denver

Winners Bitch:  Esteem's Luv Potion No Nine

Best Puppy: Hickory Hill's Bull Durham

Best In Futurity: Aztec's Kodak

Best OS Futurity: Jo-Win's Remember Me v Kzre

Best in Maturity: Ch. LeBarland's Cowgirl

Best OS Maturity: Ch. WeLove DuChien's R-Man



Grand Victor:  Ch. Stoneway's Uecker

#2: Ch. Topflight's Laredo v Freeling

#3: Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb

#4: Ch. Bredwel Jakester of Joelle

#5: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Egoiste

#6: Ch. Woodland Raintree Crackajack

#7: Ch. Welove DuChien's R-Man

#8: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill Rem Sendaria

#9: Aztec's Kodak



Grand Victrix:  Ch. Inflight's Heaven Only Knows

#2:  Ch. Ken-Delaine's Clarice

#3: Ch. Phil-Car's Juliet

#4: Ch. Breauhausen's Pretty Woman

#5: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Via of Basic Four

#6: Ch. Kashay v Cypress

#7: Ch. Woodside's Future Vision

#8: Ch. Coastline's Poison of Asgard

#9: Esteem's Luv Potion No Nine




National Specialty Show Results


Intersex: Edmond Barritt
Dogs: Mr. Fran Ford
Bitches: Ms. Helen Gleason

"As you know, I am not into critiques. They seem to be repetitious and are the opinion of only one person. My personal evaluation of our breed today makes note of the seriousness of the scuffing and dragging of the rear feet, what so ever the problem is that causes that they con not properly follow through with ease of motion in the hind quarter due to their being so down on the bottom of their hocks. There were also a couple of dogs with really bad feet. And some shoulders that were far too far forward --- not properly laid on. As a whole there were only two serious temperament problems-- like dogs trying to bite.

There were very few missing teeth on the whole, which is why I didn't get into that. Temperament overall has improved immensely. These are my opinions and I hope you start to take notice of the problems I observed Thank you again. Congratulation! We're doing a good job, but we can always do better."

~ Fran Ford


"In general the Breed is in good shape. Temperaments for the most part have greatly improved. Size may get to be a real problem in bitches if we are not careful. How many of our Bitches are 24" and dogs 25"? Dentition - only three bitches with one missing tooth each. Bites are great. I worry about body length and what it is doing to toplines and transmission. We definitely need to address body length and aim for the 8 1/2 to 10 ratio that our standard calls for. Tails/Elbows - if you surgically correct them you are fooling no one but yourself. Feet and Pasterns. Concentrate on well-arched toes, thick pads."

~ Helen Gleason



Grand Victor: Ch. Caralon's Unlimited

Grand Victrix: Ch. Rallyn's Que Sara of Starfire

Winners Dog: Eagle Valley's Merick v Somerset

Winners Bitch: Eagle Valley's Sofie

Best Puppy: Pilgrim Auld Lang Syne Todor

Best In Futurity: Castlehill's 'Cuz I Want To

Best OS Futurity: Highland Acre's Charley v Kamedon

Best in Maturity: Utopia's Gigolo

Best OS Maturity: Kridler's Riviera v. Knaufhill



Grand Victor: Ch. Caralon's Unlimited

#2: Ch. Welove DuChien's R-Man

#3: Ch. Hickory Hill's Bull Durham

#4: Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb

#5: Ch. Rallyn's Jaego CD

#6: Ch. Breauhausen's Red October

#7: Ch. Cathlin's Dante

#8: Ch. Scher-Lo's Jr. Executive

#9: Ch. Landaleigh's Quedo Vuelo

#10 Robar's Kalvin Koolidge

#11 Eagle Valley's Merick v Somerset

#12 Ch. Kohom's Going Places

#13 Ch. Kridler's Quino v. Rowley

#14 Ch. Rivendell's Desperado


Grand Victrix: Ch. Rallyn's Que Sara of Starfire

#2: Ch. Jo-Win's Remember Me-V-Kraz

#3: Castlehill's 'Cus I Want To

#4: Ch. Winsome's Fettucini v. Cypress

#5: Ch. Debonair's Scarlet Letter

#6: Ch. Estem's Luv Potion No. Nine

#7: Ch. Debonair's Audrey Rose

#8: Ch. Amber's Sweet Smile

#9: Ch. Windchime vom Sonnenbachtal

#10: Ch. Jagan's Belle Starr

#11: Ch. Caralon's Elite QED Can Do

#12: Olympus Simply Irrepressible

#13: Ch. Ponca Hill's Demi

#14: Eagle Valley's Sofie






National Specialty Show Results


Intersex: Fred Migliore
Dogs: Charlotte LaRosa
Bitches: Rita Sandell

"There were so many good dogs. The entry was filled with quality. No problems of temperament, except one owner-handler whose dog seemed unprepared. No dentition problems worth concern. Some puppies lacked masculinity and good feet but the adults were amazingly sound and competitive as a while ears were mostly acceptable.

The biggest problem I had was with the dogs and handlers wanting to run so fast. I like spirited performances but I was looking for trotters that traveled close to the ground instead of "fliers"

~ Charlotte LaRosa


"I had some beautiful bitches shown under me. I feel we have imporved hindquarters and temperament. Did not have many mouth or bite problems. Areas that we need to improve are feet and croups. It was such an honor to judge the American German Shepherd Dog. I would like to thank the membership for electing me."

~ Rita Sandell


"I had nightmares thinking about the surface the dogs would be shown on. But in fact, it was more than acceptable. It was very unforgiving to front faults, feet and pastern faults and any weakness in back, but kind to the "foot draggers." Even at that, I had a couple drag their feet in the dirt.

The overall quality was excellent in both dogs and bitches. As usual, a little better in bitches. The most prevalent faults I encountered were lack of pronounced secondary sex characteristics, poor feet, poor pasterns, and a lack of follow through in the rear (we refer to this as "locked hocks." I don't agree with this terminology).

Temperaments, for what you can determine in about 30 seconds, were good with the exception of a few in both sexes. Front reach and side gaits were very, very good. Going away has improved quite a bit. We still have a problem coming at you. Croups were a bit steep and a bit short in about half the entry.

For my Select Dog and Bitches I had to decide: do I make 20+ dog and 20 + bitches Select (which would have cheapened the title)? Or should I be super critical and cut it down? As you know, I presented 11 Selects in both Dogs and Bitches. I hope everyone reading these critique understands that where I criticize is where these animals deviate from perfection. None are poor in any respect."

~ Fred Migilore



Grand Victor: Ch. WeLove DuChien's R-MAN

Grand Victrix: Ch. Winsome's Fettucini v. Cypress

Winners Dog: Star K's Valentino

Winners Bitch: Ch. Blue Moon's Runaround Sue

Best Puppy: Sharoki's Brushed Demin

Best Opposite Sex Puppy:  Sandstone's Madison Avenue

Best In Futurity: Ch. Dream Weaver's Morning Mist

Best OS Futurity: Ch. Jo-Win's Main Street

Best in Maturity: Ch. Castlehill's Cuz I Want To HIC

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny



Grand Victor: Ch. WeLove DuChien's R-MAN

#2: Ch. Rallyn's Jaego CD

#3: Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny

#4: Ch. Breauhausen's Red October

#5: Ch. Ben-Jo's Surprixe Package

#6: Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Check Marc

#7: Ch. Tangelwood's Joshua of Kengin

#8: Ch. Sunnydae Chaska Three D

#9: Trafalgar's Nightraider Kismet

#10 Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Flying Tiger

#11 Ch. Survival's Kool Running


Grand Victrix: Ch. Winsome's Fettucini v. Cypress

#2: Ch. Castlehill's Cuz I Want To HIC

#3: Ch. Dream Weaver's Morning Mist

#4: Ch. Blue Moon's Runaround Sue

#5: Ch. Carousel Farm's Samantha

#6: Ch. Ponca Hill's Willow

#7: Sharobi's Design by Mitchell

#8: Ch. Chablis Cuervo Gold Inflight

#9: Ch. Trafalgar's Nightheat Kismet

#10: Ch. Ken-Delaine's Via of Basic Four

#11: Ch. Kridler's Que Sera Sera


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