Ch. Lynlee's Haydel of Sharisan ROM

Ch. Lynlee's Haydel of Sharisan ROM
OFA GS-9835
Breeders: Lee Brown & Margie Stack
Owners: Mary Frances Simms, Ernest & Phyllis Haydel

1973 GV Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh Gardens ROM

Ch. Haydelhaus v Augie v Zahnarzt ROM

Waldesruh's Noel v Zahnarzt
Ch. Lynlee's Haydel of Sharisan ROM

Ch. Caralon's Hein vd Lockenheim ROM

Apollo's Hesper

Xinga v Uesener-Werk

GSDC of Memphis-- - April 6, 1980 ---Winners Dog

"Medium size, young male who will get better with maturity, good head, well balanced good back, and nicely angulated."

-Dr. Shahrokhi

1982 Register of Merit Sire

"Ch Lynlee's Haydel of Sharisan is a very young sire, not yet five years old. He has attained his ROM with very few breedings. He and Kountry are both sired by Ch Haydelhaus Augie v Zahnarzt, ROM."

Doris Estabrook

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  Indicates a member of the 13-Club

1984 Red Book

"Haydel was an extremely masculine dog, with beautiful structure, type and temperament. He was a hard, dry, well ligamented animal with correct, suspended movement, one of the best backs we have ever seen, strong rear drive, correct angulation and an excellent forequarter. He consistently transmitted many of these qualities on to his children

Unfortunately, we lost Haydel on March 2, 1985. His unexpected death has left a void in our hearts, as well as in our breeding program.

We feel privileged to have been able to own a dog such as he, and are sincerely grateful for the many beautiful sons and daughters he has left us. Several of his children have produced Champion and ROM point winning progeny. We hope that we can continue in his sons and daughters and grandchildren some of the sterling qualities he possessed."

-Owners: Mary Frances Simms and Phyllis Haydel