1908 German Sieger
Luchs von Kalsmunt Wetzlar

1908 Sgr. Luchs von Kalsmunt Wetzlar
Breeder: Polizeiverwaltung Wetzlar
DOB:  August 9th, 1906

Wolf (Balinger)

Graf Eberhard von Hohen Espgen

Nelli II Eislingen der Alteren
1908 Sgr. Luchs von Kalsmunt Wetzlar

Dewet Barbarossa

Minka Barbarossa PH

Sgrn Hella v Memmingen


"Luchs was out of a Dewet Barbarossa daughter with some Beowulf blood, some Krone and other herding lines.  Von Stephanitz himself awarded Luchs his Sieger title.  At this time Von Stephanitz was steering the breeds towards the working dogs.  Luchs mother Minka was a working dog, from strong herding lines.

Luchs was such an excellent representative of the breed who had an exceptional character."  
"Luchs was to sire 1788 offspring.  He was bred to a great deal of herding bitches and produced some exceptional working animals.  It was known at the time to be very fortuanate to have Luchs in an animals pedigree."

"From the only one picture shown of Luchs he appears to have a nice croup with proper slope, together with good rear angulation (certainly not enough by American standards). He looks balanced with a good back (the back is coming from that side), good depth of body, proper shoulder assembly. His head, feet, pasterns and proportions appear to be about right. From the look of his picture one would assume that he just might move along in a most efficient manner, a proper sheep herding type. Indeed, the sheepherders did make full use of him. His dull wolf gray colour could have deterred some of the beauty seekers from using him which could have been the reason that not too many of his first generation progeny became show dogs. Some breeders, the evidence suggest the working crowd, tried to recreate Luchs, to have used him so often. "

Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History