2001/'02/'03 Select Champion
Maturity Victor
Lindenhill's Hayabusa TT ROM

Select MV Ch. Lindenhill's Hayabusa TT ROM
OFA GS61701G25M-PI
Breeder: Michael Merz & Sheila Williams-Metz
Owner: Robert Ryan, Michael and Sheila Williams-Metz
DOB: 04/20/99

Ch. Woodhaven's In Search Of ROM

Ch. Rosewood's Adonis of Anne Isle

Rosewood's Madonna
MV Select Ch. Lindenhill's Hayabusa TT ROM

Ch. Rimfire's Ivan Von-Way

Lindenhill's Yakuza ROM

Lindenhill's Dreamy Mimi

GSDC of America---2000---Open Dog

"A picture posed, this dog was as harmonious in movement. A dark black and tan, he held his beautiful outline on a slightly tight or a loose lead. No wasted steps here, he was poised and confident with a strong head and arched neck carriage. Clean coming and going on good firm feet and  pasterns. A short hard back and correct prosternum and ribbing. Masculine, with nice bone and a smooth efficient croup line and short proper hocks."

~ Joan Fox

GSDC of Washington State--May 13, 2001---Winners Dog & Best of Breed

"Sound, stallion male, with attractive headpiece and expression, oozing nobility.  A perfect topline, lovely forefront, and well-muscled thigh.  Good layback of shoulder attached by powerful drive in the rear,  great attitude.."

-Chris Walkowicz

GSDC of America---November 6th, 2001---Best Opposite Sex in Maturity

"The four finalists competing for Matuirty Victor were Ch. Weicho's Taj Mahal, Ch. Marquin's Xtra! Xtra!, Ch. Lindenhill's Hayabusa, and GV Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision.  Champions, Selects and the Canadian and American Grand Victor, just how much fun was this?

Total balance and harmony in motion, outstanding sex characteristics, proper size; ideally proportioned neck, back, loin and croup.  A real pleasure to watch gait and when you looked into his eyes, they seemed to sparkle and say, "What's next, let's have some fun"  Looked the same on a loose lead.  A very sound animal."

~Mr. Lew Bunch

GSDC of America---November 10th, 2001---Select #8

"A very nice, well-pigmented dog.  Good sized and handsome.  Well proportioned with an attractive outline.  He is a brother to the Grand Victrix and to the third Open dog.  He was also the Maturity Victor at the National.  He moves well but I would like a little more forehand.  This is a high quality animal from what apparently was an outstanding litter."

~Mr. Jack Newton

GSDC of America---October 19th, 2002---Select #2

"Another masculine well-formed black and tan showing a beautiful picture when posed. He is a good coordinated side mover both loose and tight, has a firm back, and is clean down and back. I would prefer a touch more front and more front extension."

~Edmond Barritt

GSDC of America --- October 2003 --- Select #3

~ Dave Rinke


2009 Register of Merit Sire

Select Ch. Do Si Do Of Oh My
Ch. Rivaden's Gunther Nibelung
Rivaden's Billie Jo Holliday
Ch. Drew Of Oh My
Ch. Kris-T's Zahara
Kris-T's Willow-B V Encore
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