1952 & 1954 VA
Ch. Lido V Friedlichenheim SchH III FH

VA SGR Ch. Lido V Friedlichenheim SchH III FH
SZ# 764298
Breeder: G. Heynen of Materborn b. Kleve
DOB:  October 10th, 1949

Harras v Haus Friedrich SchH III

Fred v Haus Brenner SchH II 

Birke Dillufer SchH I
1952 & 1954 Sgr. Ch. Lido v Friedlichenheim SchH III FH

Dolf vd Gnadertalermuhle

Sonja vd Gnadentalermuhle

Carmen v Haus Frisko SchH I  (Gnom daughter)

January 1954 --- Hannover, Germany --- VA #1

January 1952 --- Dortmund, Germany --- VA #1

"In 1951 before Dr. Funk became president of the S.V. Lido von Friedlichenheim SchH 111 was placing very high in the Select Class at the Sieger Show. Apparently he was a wonderful moving dog but compared to some of the dogs that were getting pretty big, he was small. Dr. Funk was critical of such a dog being placed so high in the Selects. The next year, when Funk became President, he took over the judging of the adult males at the Sieger Show. His first show as president on the first day of the competition saw a dog bred by Heinz Roper in first position in the class. Vello zu den Sieben Faulen excelled as a proud stallion like representative of the breed, but the Germans at that point had been quite critical of real big dogs and the judges had been placing such dogs down for oversize. Vello's breeding went back strong to a full sister of Rolf, Ina von Osnabreuckerland. Vello was a grandson of hers. On his fathers side, he was basically inbred on Odin von Stolzenfels lines. At the show that first day, second place was the contrasting Lido.

After the first day the influential handler of Lido went to work on his associates in the judging fraternity. It is quite common for free association of friends between the days of the show. He mocked them for such an oversized dog being in first place. They knew he was right and they prevailed on Dr. Funk to be consistent with what the club had decided to be right. Giving the show to Vello would undermine all their efforts.

When the show started again the next day Dr. Funk left Vello in first place for most of the day, but finally in frustration he took Vello and placed him at the end of the line. He proclaimed to all, that if this dog was not suitable to win he was not suitable to breed - he revoked the breeding approval of the S.V. on Vello right there. He then declared Lido Select One. Lido also was to make his mark in the breed even though he was exported to the U.S. I think the Americans found him small and did not get the use out of him that they should have. But it was the German breeders themselves that found a place in their plan for Lido."

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History