2004 Select Excellent
Ch. Lenlor's Maximus CD TC ROM

AOE Select Ex. Ch. Lenlor's Maximus CD TC ROM
OFA GS-70454G27M-PI EL17078M27-PI
Breeder: Lorry Bellah & JoAnn Hess
Owner: Lenny & Lorry Bellah
August 16, 2002 - May 22, 2009

Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb ROM
Ch. Lindau's Thief of All Hearts
Ch. Lindau's Heaven Can Wait CD TDX JHD CGN HS
AOE Select Ex. Ch. Lenlor's Maximus CD TC ROM
Select Ex. Ch. Rochannands Patent
Northstar Goldenchild Lenlor
Lenlorís Lady Vivian v Skylark (Express dau.)

GSDC of America --- October 16th, 2004 --- Select #9

"Masculine but correct in size. He moved with a nice period of suspension on a loose lead. Clean coming and going, with nice coupling and a strong back. He got better and better the more he moved. Smooth on the side, he was guided by Julie Wheeler who gave me what I was looking for on a loose lead."

~ Joan Fox


2006 Award of Excellent Winner


GSDC of America --- October 20th, 2007--- Select Excellent #15

"Very nicely proportioned back and tan male. Smooth side mover, down and back good. Nice package, hard to pick on."

~ Ed Barritt

2008 Register of Merit Sire


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