Ch. Lasso vom Tollenstrand SchH III AD

Ch. Lasso vom Tollenstrand SchH III, AD


Tell v. Colonia Aggrippina

V Gero v Haus Elkmann SchH III

Regina v. Colonia Agrippina (Rolf daughter)
Ch. Lasso vom Tollenstrand

1961 Sgr. Veus vd Starrenburg SchH III

Iris v. Hesenlolk SchH I

  Assie v. Hexenkild SchH I


Waterkant, June 4, 1967

"A son of Gero vom Haus Elkmann.  A dog with nobility, large powerful, upright, who is shown in the best condition, comes to the front and stays there safely.  Fore and rear assembly, proportions in angulations and chest are the best, to be praised are the dry bones, firm pasterns, last not least the good expression and the much ground covering gait coming out of a firm back."

-Ernst Heaine, Bremerhaven

Bremen, June 16, 1968

"A dog with good proportions, good size, very beautiful male, expression and good chest proportions, high withers firm stranght, back, good line in croup, strong thighs, very good angulations and faultless far reaching gait"

--Hans Weitzel, Kazzel - Bettenhausen

Recklinghausen, June 30, 1968

"Harmonious structure, large, powerful, extended dog, eye catching with good topline, very good front and rear angulation, powerful through correct croup, faultless tracking pattern with correct gait coming and going from a firm back."

-Matthias Shappen

Wetzlar, July 15, 1968

"Harmonious structure, expressive, dry dog with very beautiful lines.  He has a very good front, very firm back, good croup, good angulation, rear with a broad well muscled thigh.  With a correct tracking pattern he shows a clean, far reaching gait."

-Rolf Fauser, Echterdingen