Ch. Landhaus John Denver

Ch. Landhaus John Denver
OFA GS-11838
Breeder/Owners: Faith S. Cordary

  Ch. Haydelhaus Augie v. Zahnartz ROM

Ch. Kountry Music of Billo ROM

Ch. Waldesruh Gay Debut v. Billo ROM
Ch. Landhaus John Denver

Ch. Haydelhaus Augie v. Zahnartz ROM

Ch. Kiwi of Billo

  Ch. Waldesruh Gay Debut v. Billo ROM

July 1982---Best Of Breed

"Good size, masculine sable male, handsome youngster, is stacked up and has an impressive powerful side gait.  Could have been cleaner coming and going to you."

-Art Saltz

August 1982---Best of Breed

"He is very eager and willing worker with an iron back and great determination.  Very honest working shepherd with a fine attitude.  Would have liked to have seen him in more coat."

-Sam Lawrence

November 1982---Best of Breed

"Strong temperament, large black and tan, lacking in pigment.  Pronounced sex characteristics.  Strong head and ears, dark eye.  Coat was lacking in undercoat.  Good proportions.  Normal underline and back.  Average croup, length hand angle.  Tail set normal.  Forequarter upperarm (over arm) long; scapula (shoulder) - average 90%.  Hindquarter 90%.  Rear pasterns normal in length and stronger in the hock joint.  Feet normal.  Dentition; correct bite, teeth-strong no missing teeth.  Clean coming and going.  Excellent hind quarter and forequarter.  Firm outline."

-Carmen Battaglia


         Ch. Riza's Renagade of Carine
         Lee Ray's Can Can of Marlin
         Marlin's Streak of Lee Ray's

  Indicates a member of the 13 Club